Montag, 19. März 2012

Outdoor Nuddishm Season coming soon...

The sun is back, warming up the air... by mid-week, I will exercise Nuddhism outdoors again, if forecasts tell me true... around 20°C in the shade, sunny weather... wanna learn about Nuddhism?

A very resourceful and wise blog about nude meditation and my comment:

I know, that a colleague at work will freak out, seeing my nude belly and things again, but he'll have cope with it... free will, you know? You can always look away... and this free will lets me free my willy... *LOL*

All joking aside, there is a strong spiritual side to being nude. And, considering myself a true flowerchild, I also radiate love when nude (when clothed, too, but the energy flow is a bit constricted in comparison to being skyclad). Warm belly feelings to all of you...

Hugs and toe-wiggles from ~*Ganesha*~

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