Samstag, 30. Juni 2012

This week's morning Nuddhism thoughts and experiences...


Twitter morning update:

~*Ganesha*~ @ganesha1967
Monday morning #nuddhism at 54F (8°C), drizzle and wind - this wakes me up really fast. Summer feelings are inward, while I'm wearing goosebumps.


My personal three-steps program to greet a day the happy way, even if I have to get up early to get to work:

1. Set the shower to lukewarm, almost cold water, emulating standing skyclad in summer rain;
2. Brew some extra-strong black coffee (Mocha blend), sweetened richly;
3. Take a mug of that brew, step out on my balcony, barefoot and nude, inhaling the fresh morning air deeply, looking up into the sky above and the trees in my back yard, a slight breeze carressing my skin.


A tropical night and a humid morning... 68F (22°C), cloudy and thunderstorms imminent... starting my nuddhist morning ritual, I set my shower to almost cold, to refresh myself, before stepping out onto my balcony, skyclad, feeling the balmy air all around me, listening to birdsong, sipping on my strong and sweet coffee...
Once again, I sigh, thinking about the stupid social taboos, that prevent me from just staying nude, when having to go out to get to work later on. The current weather conditions are ideal to spend the day naked. I would love to be in a place, where I could just be and meditate on Mother Nature's beauty and send invocations of love and confirmation to all the wonderful beings dwelling in my heart.


Morning Nuddhism at 58F (14°C)... wispy cirrus clouds in a blue sky, a slight breeze makes the tall poplar trees sway like lithe dancers, clad in bright green, lit by the rising sun. I listen to merry birdsong, breathe the mild and fresh air, greeting the day clad in the morning breeze.

Now, to all those people believing that nuditiy is something indecent or sexual only: it's (among other things, such as my favourite state of being) also a source for almost poetic thought, as you can read here.

Remember your roots...

Since modern human beings evolved on the African continent, later migrating from there, we are all children of Mama Afrika - one of Mother Nature's beautiful sisters.

Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Fight the Power, Mama Nature!

Today at work, I saw that brave little plant pushing through a gravel bed, and I just had to take a picture, and turn it into this little Mama Nature Motivational.