Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

Uh-oh... bad vibes ahead!

Starting this work day, I didn't know, that there would be negative vibes on my way... the day started very nice, with a cool, clear morning, which I enjoyed the usual nuddhist way on my balcony while gazing at the stars, doing my usual breath meditation, drawing up positive powers, exhaling troublesome thoughts and - as soon as I was filled up with a good mood - drew up some more positive vibes to send them out into the world with prayers and blessings, good wishes and loving belly-feeling to the ones dwelling in my heart and everyone in need of some healing energy.

I felt really nicely powered up and happy today.

As soon, as it was time to leave my apartment and go to work, I put on some clothes, and looking out of the window spotted something that might have been a coincidence, or an act of solidarity performaed by Mother Nature: the stars were hidden by thin clouds. I chuckled inwardly, since She must have felt my slight feeling of sadness which I suffer every day, when stupid societal taboos require me to hide my naturally nude body. OK, granted, the current cool season is not ideal for being naked outdoors for a longer period of time. But the feeling of losing freedom prevails.

At least, it's still mild enough for my taste to walk barefoot - the minimal nudity and direct contect with Mother Earth enabling me to draw up more positive vibes on my way to work.

At the bus stop, I once again played around with the fallen leaves, including some hide-and-seek with my bare toes...

Boarding the bus, I heard the "C-question" from the driver - first time in a while, that someone asked it...

Driver: "Hey! Aren't your feet cold?"
Me: "Nope..."
Driver: "Not even in winter???"
Me: "Nope!"

And with this, the dialogue was over, as I proceeded to the middle of the bus. That was not the first negative vibe, but merely the typical disbelief reaction of the shod world.

The real "Uh-oh" hit me, when I had arrived at the office, started up my computers, checked my mails and read one marked "Urgent", with the typical red exclamation mark !

The mail dealt with our client being very unhappy about the current backlog of mail inquiries to process that had piled up due to more people reporting ill as well as our client running a campaign, to inform customers of rising costs... Since I can't go into details (non-disclosure agreements are in place here), I can only tell, that it's triggering lots of customer responses, and we have a few thousand mails, dating back up to three days. We have to observe a service level of two days, so, we're running behind, indeed. When that happened, our CEO asked for voluntary overtime to get this done. Now, our client is threatening to issue an order for mail processing to other service providers, cutting down our exclusive service, thereby cutting down our company's income... that could lead to jobs being in jeopardy now.

We have been given a deadline of two weeks, and our bosses are now not just asking for overtime, but demanding it from everyone in our team (at least one hour per day and the Saturday shifts becoming mandatory now). Of course, that is tuning up stress meters among the whole of the team a few notches, and I am now in the situation to put my newly-found healing and good vibes to a true test...

I just hope, that I won't get entangled in stress and overwork, as I did the weeks before. I'm praying for strength and more positive power.

Mother Nature did her best, by pulling her veil of clouds off the sky just after sunrise, presenting me with the gift of a sunny day again. I was able to bask in sunlight during my breaks outdoors, and thereby recharge during the office day.

* * *

The second bit of negative vibes originates in one of the places, where the original spirit of hippie freedom and the Summer of Love had its home and where diversity is still celebrated: San Francisco.

Recently, a district supervisor named Scott Wiener (I love the irony) proposed to ban nudity in public places in San Francisco. And city officials now voted 6 to 5 in favour of that ban. In the last weeks, nudists have protested the proposals, also by disrobing in front of the city hall, but to no avail.

So, there it's not just a feeling of losing freedom, but the real thing. Nudity is an expression of naturality and freedom. And San Francisco city officials have decided to take this freedom away from nudists. Another negative vibe, since I believe in nudity being natural, healthy, spiritual, beautiful and a major source for gathering positive energy, especially when meditating naked in Nature, being fully in touch with Her.

It's sad to know, that my fellow naturist and nuddhist friends in the SF Area are now barred from that and forced to do something illegal in order to pursue their freedom and happiness.

At the moment, I not feeling as if this is dragging me down too deep. I shake my head, inwardly, at the foolishness of the City of San Francisco's stupid decision, and I sigh inwardly a little about the extra work ahead... but I'm still sure, that I can cope with it.

I have found picture on Facebook, which I also shared on my timeline there, which looks nice to make into a poster to hang up, sit in front of and use as a focus to unfocus in meditation... since cool weather is going to bar me from longer nude meditation sessions outdoors, this looks like a good replacement for gathering positive power indoors:

And this picture also triggered the desire to listen to a certain album by The Alan Parsons Project, too...

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