Samstag, 10. November 2012

Caffeine Worship

Well, actually, it's merely a part of my worshipping Mother Nature, since She created caffeine - the powerful agent invigorating me every morning when I have to get up at times suggesting that it's still night... and the dark sky, with stars winking or a crescent moon grinning down on me prove that it is indeed night time.

Today is one of those mornings, since I am facing another Saturday shift at the office, and had to get up in the dark, now witnessing the sky slowly lighting up, as sunrise is approaching. And while sipping a nice mug of extra-strong, double-sweet mocha, I wanted to praise the wonder we simply call "caffeine".

Artists have created wonderful pictures to celebrate caffeine, mostly connected with the dark brew known as coffee... one is even the official brand art for Dharma Brew (with the trademark slogan "Improve your karma, drink the Dharma" - beautiful, really), which is certified organic and fair trade coffee, too. No, I haven't been paid to advertize for them, but I don't want to omit the good facts behind this creative form of presenting the Coffee Goddess:

Art by Ray Troll, brand names and trade marks are protected by copyright laws and attack dogs with law degrees (as Raven's Brew tells us on their web site!) - ©2012 Raven's Brew Coffee, Inc.

Then, there's other depictions of the Goddess Caffeina:

 And there are several artists, presenting their works on, who have created their interpretations of the Coffee Goddess as well (All images are and stay © their respective owners!) :

Coffee Goddess by dpdagger

Coffee Goddess by Deskleaves

Coffee Goddess by Eoweniel

Ishtar, rising from a cup of coffee by Amy K. Brown

But wait, there's also caffeine in other forms, worthy of worship... some people prefer tea (and I have found especially green tea to be a great and healthy invigorating beverage).

Julie Slang Beloussow (one of the artists and creators at Sacred Flame in Los Angeles, CA) has created her own depiction of the Goddess, whom she calls "Teaity":

You can see more of her art on her Facebook page at

So much for a little celebration of the wonder called caffeine, created by miraculous Mother Nature. May She be blessed.

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