Montag, 19. November 2012

Happy World Toilet Day!

Yes, well, there are holidays, people tend to forget. But it's an important day, too, since NGOs concerned about sanitation as well as dwinding fresh water reserves are using this day to raise awareness.

Interesting fact, by the way:

And considering, that many people in the world have no or only scarce access to clean fresh water, it's also good to think about alternatives to flushing toilets with precious water... how about a composter toilet? Aside from saving water, you can produce good and clean fertilizer with it, too:

This is the composter toilet with a firewood shed we had in our commune... going to the toilet was quite an adventure... but in the early morning, it was nice to climb up the tower, sit down in peace and quiet, drop the pants, leave the door open and gaze at the sunrise, while, well... you know...

While my current life has some creature comforts, I miss those moments...

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