Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Last week's barefoot delights...

Yes, November is still a barefoot month for me, since day temperatures are still around 10°C (50F) and therefore mild enough for my taste to walk barefoot in my free time and wear flip-flops as office shoes...

And sometimes, I don't just meet dull and grey weather, which makes November the trademark month of autumn depressions for many people... there are nice and sunny days, too, making barefooting very enjoyable, when my soles touch sun-warmed pavement.

But the rainy days are fun, too... puddles, wet grass and leaves, touching soft and moist soil... pure delight!

Tuesday morning, on my way to work: Venus winking through the clouds before sunrise

Enjoying rain-wet grass, before entering "The Matrix!" (the office)

Leaving my trademark on the sidewalk...
Puddle-footing on a wet Wednesday morning

Feeling soft and moist soil underfoot...

Friday afternoon, after work - feeling and enjoying sun-warmed sidewalks, waiting for the bus
Untypical November sky... there's blue, too! (View from the bus stop near the office eastward, on my way home)
Normally, that nice view at the bus stop would mean the end of the week at work... however, I was facing another Saturday shift at the office... on the upside of things, those are the office days, when I can dress more like my happy hippie self and leave footwear at home, too.

Tiled floor at the underground bus stop (central station, on my way to the Saturday shift)

Finding and enjoying a puddle near the office...

...and again using the puddle to leave my trademark barefoot tracks on the sidewalk.

Moist grass and autumn leaves...

...and more autumn leaves on grass after work.

Muffin breakfast at the office. Yum!
Being able to still enjoy the wonderful feelings of different textures underfoot and to benefit from the still mild weather by walking barefoot as often as possible helps a lot in preventing any pangs of autumn sadness or depression...

And according to the current weather forecast, next week is predicted to be mostly cloudy, dry, sometimes fair... perhaps with some fog in the morning. But: no rain and temperature maxima are still going to be around 10°C/50F - another week of bare feet and flip-flops as office footwear is ahead of me. Happy times for my bare feet!

Max. temperatures no lower than 7°C (45F) and min. temperatures still above 0°C (32F) most of the times... good enough barefooting conditions for me

And the 16-day-forecast tells me of fair and sunny days only... even though there's slight morning frost imminent, I might be able to continue walking the whole of November on my bare feet. Good news for my body to produce the natural happy pills known as endorphins by staying in touch with Mother Nature.

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