Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

This is me, being happy...

Indeed, I feel fine at the moment... not only because I just decided to be happy, but because of that recipe I described in previous posts working out really well.

Seeing a very cute picture of a happy Ganesha on Facebook, I did not hesitate in sharing it:

And I keep walking that happy road, very much in  the spirit of that classic quote "I don't know where 'm going, but I'm on my way!"

By the way it's from an unknown author. This quote is *misattributed* to Carl Sandbug, Carl Sagan & Voltaire. Original source: 'The Pharmaceutical Era, Volume 41' (1909)

And as I wrote in the comment to the picture above (also found and shared on Facebook):
"Yeah, I can relate to that quote, really... and I try to walk that way as happily as I can, sometimes pausing, taking close looks at what's on the wayside... sometimes straying off the road to feel that soft grass beneath my feet... I will arrive at some point. Wherever that may be..."

Let's stay curious, whatever will wait for me at the end of that road... if it ever ends, that is.

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