Mittwoch, 7. November 2012

Four more years...

OK, Barack Obama did it. Unlike the fictional (but based on real-life moronism) female president in "Iron Sky", he did not have to trust in fighting an all-out war against the Moon Nazis to win this.

All it took was a less than convincing candidate running for the Republicans and a giant storm to blow him back into the Oval Office. Well, OK, I guess voters were also convinced of him being the better choice (or the lesser evil, depending on whether they're optimists or pessimists).

Anyway, there was a better choice... after all, there was a candidate who could have become the first female, barefoot-walking and a truly independent President of the United States:

Boogabaah Weesnaah - running again for presidency in 2016!!

She's not giving up, as she announced to be running for presidency in the 2016 election. Find out about her here:

Boogabaah Weesnaah for President 2016

Had she won, I would have become the first barefoot-walking German ambassador in the US of A. Hey, she promised me that! She would have turned the USA into a happy-feet nation!

One mystery remains, though... just how many voters used the blank, write-in line on their ballots to vote for this candidate, I wonder?

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