Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Have a Happy Skyclad Sunday!

You have seen me posting celebration pictures of the weekend, following the classic "TGIF" ("Thank God it's Friday!") motto - only that I decided to write "Goddess" instead of "God" in them, following my personal faith and spirituality. I am now expanding this weekend celebration to wishing everyone sharing my naturist way of living, a Happy Skyclad Sunday, using pictures of natural, happy, blissful and spiritual nude human beings along with the Sunday wishes.

Here's the first one of my Skyclad Sunday collection (more to follow on the next Sundays):

While lots of mainstream people still connect nudity with sexuality alone, they might think of this as merely showing erotica. No, that's not my intention at all. True enough, sex (wonderful and enjoyable as it is) is made in the nude. And it's something I love doing, as well. (*Gasp!* What a shock!! Hehe, did you think, I'm asexual? Uh-uh, nope, definitely not.)

But nudity is more than just that. To me, it's the most natural state of being. When being out in Nature, barefoot and naked, I am more in tune with Her (both capitalized as in Mother Nature), able to feel all the elements fully. When celebrating the wonders of Her creation, it is the best way to do so. Therefore, I also meditate naked, when out in Nature - this forming my personal spiritual way of Nuddhism, as I have called it (and others have done so too, when it comes to nude meditation... just do a Google search of that term, and don't let it correct the spelling).

I also live naked at home (full-time). Not having to bother what to wear in my apartment makes life a lot easier. Plus: it feels very liberating not to be constricted by clothes and have my skin breathe freely.

Aside from practical reasons (protection from cold weather or unsafe environments) and social inhibitions (nudity taboos, dress codes, etc.), clothes aren't a necessity, but merely a choice. The same goes for shoes, too, which I choose not to wear very often.

So, as I have been skyclad, when writing this *), I will now don clothes (due to cool weather and social taboos), to take a barefoot walk and enjoy this minimal nudity, while being in touch with Mother Nature...

*) Actually, all blog posts made here, have been written while I was naked!

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