Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Thank You very much again, Mama Nature!

Another sunny and mild day, perfect to spend my office breaks outdoors, soak up some sun to counterweigh the artifical lighting of the work space and feel the sun's warmth on the paved parking lot by means of my bare soles...

Mother Nature has decided to give me another wholesome dose of nice healing energy today.

After work, leaving the office at 4 pm, the waxing moon had taken the place of the sun, almost exactly in the same spot where the sun shone on my second break outdoors...

The western sky was again tinted orange-golden and I enjoyed the feeling of moist leaves, soft grass and soil and the carpet of fallen leaves on the sidewalk on my way to the bus stop.

Until the end of the week, the days are forecast to stay mild (around 10°C/50F)... and even though there is a little rain predicted for tomorrow, that's not going to dampen my current good spirit. And I'm counting down to my one-week leave with ease... thirteen work days to go... OK, 13.75, to be exact, since I have one office Saturday ahead this week... but that's going to be a 100 per cent barefoot office day... therefore: not too bad.

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