Freitag, 23. November 2012

TGIF! - And the work day wasn't as bad as I feared...

Well, even though I have to work a Saturday shift tomorrow, no one can stop me from celebrating the fact that it's Friday again!


And I started the day with my usual nuddhist morning exercise, doing exactly what is recommended in a nice image I later found on Facebook:

And after feeling a cool breeze wafting over my nude body, as I inhaled deeply, only the occasional star winking through on a mostly cloudy sky, I told myself to use all of the good and healing energy left after exhaling the good wishes and positive vibes to my beloveds as my power reserve for the day ahead...

Another image, this time coming from a wise and serene man, and his quote coming with it was another wonderful source of power and resolve not to let stress or a hectic day at work get the better of me:

"Do not encumber your mind with useless thoughts. 
What good is it to brood over the past and fret about the future? 
Dwell in the simplicity of the present moment. 
Live in harmony with the Dharma. 
Make it the heart of your life experience. 
Be the master of your destiny."

-Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

At the office, I shared the photo above and the quote (translated in German by me, since not everyone there is that good at English) with my colleagues, when reporting the previous day's results of processing mails... which were very good results, too. The threat by our client has resulted in people putting the pedal to the metal and work harder and faster. I just hope, that they don't burn out too swiftly. Perhaps Dilgo's wisdom can help them in taking a step back, have a break, take deep breaths, relax and power up a little, before getting on with the next part of their assignment.

I prepared myself with some extra external power source, too, adding sweetness to my caffeine supply, by having some caffeinated chocolate with me:

"Scho-Ka-Kola" is a classic German product, made of dark chocolate containing coffee and cola nut powder. "Pocket Coffee" are dark chocolate sweets with a liquid-filled center... the liquid is pure espresso. So, I combined the invigorating effect of caffeine with the happiness induced by chocolate... and, to be sure, it helped!

And as if She wanted to add an extra optical boost to telling me "here's some more power, you can see it in the sky...", Mother Nature seemed to have dipped her paintbrush into the fiery dye pots and painted totally wild and bright pictures into the clouds at sunrise...

Definitely "Wow!" moments...

And even though the sky closed up only an hour later, and the day turned into the typical and trademark November grey, I felt good. The work day itself was taxing, to be sure, but not exhausting me. And when it started to rain - another typical November thing - I did not feel glum or sad... I was looking forward to splashing my bare feet in puddles and the wet fallen leaves on the sidewalk felt very funny, squelching beneath my soles.

So, now being at home, relaxing, I am not feeling bad about having to work tomorrow... the power gathered at the beginning of this week, after my decision to concentrate on positive things, still holds up. And I will make sure to use every free second after tomorrow's shift to carry on with that recipe:

Have a happy weekend - barefoot, nude, any way you like it.

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