Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

Mid-week Full Moon...

Well, I have passed the point of no return! That is, as far as the week at work is concerned - Wednesday has passed, and it's now just two days left until the weekend. And yesterday was full moon, too. Plus: the chance to watch a penumbral lunar eclipse, as well.

But, that was invisible to me, since clouds hid the moon. A pity. But still: it's now the time to have the moon do some healing to body and spirit.

The day started like a typical November day, with cool air (4°C/39F), clouds and a slightly chilly breeze... despite the coolness, I did performa my nuddhist morning exercise as usual, powering up with good vibes, sending some out with prayers and wishes for healing to the dear ones who are in need of it (such as my dear friend - see my previous post for the reason), and continued the intake of positive power by being in touch with Mother Nature on the way to work, barefoot as usual.

So far, so good. And even though the day's highest temperatures were just above 5°C/40F and I followed the social expectations by donning closed shoes at the office (also due to one of our client's employees visiting), the day at the office went by without stress - although my feet were imprisoned in closed foot coffins (my closed Birks), I did not feel too miserable.

But as soon as work was over, I was glad and grateful to shed those contraptions and make my way to the bus stop happily barefoot again, recharging and relaxing.

On the bus ride to the central station though, I had a little mishap happening to me, as the driver took a little sideways motion, paired with hitting the brakes very suddenly, just before reaching the bus stop. I was holding fast, standing near the exit, but the sudden motion caught me unawares, and I twisted my left knee a little, resulting in slight pain and a little swelling. Arriving at home, I applied some pain-relieving salve, which has helped. Now, on the morning after, I feel a feeling of pressure inside the knee, and I find that walking barefoot around my apartment feels OK... I hope that won't change much, when I'm donning my office shoes.

During my nuddhist morning meditation today, I stood skyclad on my balcony, the full moon winking through gaps in the clouds occasionally, and I also asked for some healing energy to enter my knee, too... Tapping into my autosuggestive powers, I told myself "I want this to be over soon" a few times. Crazy as it might sound, but affirmations of that kind help in triggering the body's self-healing powers, too.

So, now I'm looking at two more days at the office, until I have a weekend ahead to rest myself and do some more healing.

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