Montag, 19. November 2012

Starting into the new week... skyclad, as usual.

Since I did something more than the last weekends, as far as recharging my inner batteries are concerned, getting up on this early Monday morning was easier. Well, considering that getting up on a work day means having to wake up around 5 am, it's never easy, really, since it's still dark night outside. The normal human impulse would be to stay tucked in until sunrise. But the demands of the "civilized" world transgress normal human behaviour, and that also means having to get up that early.

On the positive side of getting up that early, I have enough time to observe my nuddhist morning exercise, which took place on an almost clear early morning, with stars twinkling above, while I stood on my balcony, naked, gazing at Orion, inhaling the cool and humid morning air (5°C/40F). Since it had rained on the previous day, and a little fog was rising from the trees, I could hear drops of water fall from the branches, sounding like a slight rain falling slowly.

It was one of those special early mornings again, when autumn shows its nice side of a starry sky, despite cool temperatures and wisps of fog feeling a little like Mother Nature touching me with clammy fingers. Morning fog and mist have a special magic to it, when experienced skyclad, while greeting the day and gathering good vibes for facing the day ahead...

Picture by Resting Nomad from her Flickr photostream at

And just now, as I am writing this, I can see outside the window that the sky has closed up with hazy clouds... almost as if Mother Nature also wants to remind me, that the time of being happily skyclad on this morning is drawing to an end, as I have to don clothing to once again enter the realm of "The Matrix!", of the office world, the "civilized" urban environment out there, full of its stupid social taboos and hang-ups. Well, that's the price I have to pay for being a child of both worlds - the happy hippie planet as well as the "normal world". At least, I can do so, walking barefoot, thereby collecting some more good vibes and healthy energy from touching Mother Earth with my bare soles.

May I return from that strange, "normal" place unscathed today.

Have a happy day and a good start into the new week.

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