Donnerstag, 22. November 2012

More barefoot November delights...

Wednesday morning felt quite cool, with temperatures at 4°C (39F), but that did not keep me from observing my nuddhist morning exercise, even though a slight breeze added a little chill to it. Walking barefoot on the way to work was delightful, too, since I was able to play around with the fallen leaves on the sidewalk near the office: barefoot hide-and-seek was the morning's game, followed by a refreshing walk on dew-wet grass.

Warming up my feet under the desk, after entering the office, I did my first chores there, gazing out of the window every now and then, and witnessing, that Mother Nature was playing with fire today, as far as Her sky painting was concerned.

Such a sunrise is very impressive to look at, to be sure, but it also holds the promise of hazy or even wet weather to come... the day stayed mostly cloudy, but the rain predicted on Tuesday did not arrive by the time my work day ended...

After-work barefooting was less magic and more of the regular sort, since I had to do a little shopping. While I don't think that shoes are a necessity everywhere I walk, some supplies should be restocked every now and then... as can be seen after I brought my shopping bag to the tram stop, making the rest of my trip home on public transport, while being gaped at (in the usual way, when people see a barefooter in cool autumn weather).

Oh, and by the way: shopping went by without accidents. The rear wheels of shopping carts can hurt, when the small pinky toes connect with them unwantedly. Unlike some discount price supermarkets, the one I went to didn't have oversized, wide-load carts.

And now, the week at work has reached and passed its peak, now it feels like going downhill towards the weekend (a short one, this time, with a Saturday shift ahead). But, this time, I'm not feeling any dread about it, since my recipe of concentrating on the happier things in life (small and silly as they may seem to mainstream people) works perfectly well.

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