Sonntag, 18. November 2012

Relaxing and recharging... weekend moments:

Heeding my own advice, I started my relaxing and recharging after the office week on Friday, as soon as I stepped out of the office building. Even though the temperatures had been quite close to freezing level on Friday morning, I went barefoot to work and chose my flip-flops as office footwear, which stayed off when I was sitting at my desk:

When leaving the building on a mostly fair Friday afternoon with a little haze, I felt like bathing in golden light, while the sun was approaching the western horizon. Since it had been hazy almost all day, temperatures were in the 40s F (just above 5°C), but still mild enough for me to enjoy the textures and surfaces on the way home with my bare feet.

I spent a lazy Saturday, reading mostly and doing a little indoor meditation, doing household stuff like laundry in my usual naturally nude state, and postponed the only outdoor task (going to the ATM and buying small stuff for the office on Monday) to Sunday. A mostly lazy day isn't a day wasted, really. It's merely a different form of recharging the inner batteries.

Getting outdoors, for a little urban barefooting as well as feeling some grass and soil underfoot was my plan for this Sunday. And even though it was a wet and slightly rainy day, living up to the reputation of gloomy November, I enjoyed it. Since it was mild, with 8°C (46F), it was a delight to splash my bare feet in puddles, feel wet pavement and in one place even small gravel, which I used to get a free sole massage, triggering an extra portion of circulation.

I was puzzled to see, though, that someone had decided to prepare for worse weather, when walking on the ped zone from the ATM back to the central station of my neighbor city:

The name of the boat fits, since the Goddess Freyja is also associated with beauty... and that vessel is a beautiful one, really.

However, the forecast for the next two weeks is predicting only slight rain, if any... but temperatures are going to drop by the end of next week... it might be, that next week is the last week in a while to wear flip-flops as office shoes. Mainstream society will expect me to wear closed shoes afterwards, then... OK. So be it. But that will only be the case in the office. In my free time, I'll still be barefoot.

After getting money from the ATM, buying the stuff I wanted and getting back home, I took a little time to also get in touch with Mother Earth, by walking on soft, wet grass and over fallen leaves. That's the nice thing about autumn: even if the sky is all grey, you will find beauty and the splendour of colors right at your feet. And when you're barefoot, you can take in that beauty with your eyes as well as by touching and feeling it...

A final note on my urban barefooting, where I did not only spot the boat featured above, but also the color of consumerist horrors, which parents of young girls are going to face this Christmas: pink!

Yes, the toy industry has taken the fairies and ponies, the unicorns and winged horses, dyed them all candy-pink and displays them in their toy stores, ready to trigger the desires of young girls to have their personal pink princess accessories or a magic tree palace, a plastic pink pony to ride on, plus the candy-colored handbag, complete with a pink plush unicorn!

Oh, the horror of the holidays to come... I vote for pink being the scariest color of this coming Christmas season.

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