Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Sunday: let's rename it to Rainbathday

Just a week ago, we had the hottest day of this year with body temperature levels in the shade... this morning, Mother Nature has scheduled rain cloud races. I just stood on my balcony, watching them zoom by, a cool breeze wafting over me at 15°C (59°C), blowing raindrops onto my nude body.

I see and feel soft and cool rain water beads on my belly, while sipping hot, strong and sweet coffee. And then, the true delight begins, as Mama Nature decides to really open the sky faucet, and a cool shower pours down onto my naked body, driven by gusts of wind. The first raindrops felt like tender wet first kisses, but this felt like Her wrapping Her naked body around mine, clinging to me, covering my body with lover's kisses, pouring Her passion all over me.

Despite the cool air, I can feel stirrings in my root chakra, and unashamedly I stand in the morning rain, arms outstretched, water dripping off my belly, pouring past my alive lingam, pooling at my bare feet...

Taking a rain bath outdoors... no bathroom shower can beat that!

Once again, I feel that there is a very clear difference between just standing in the shower in your bathroom and standing naked in the rain. While showering in the bathroom gets you clean and wakes you up, rainbathing makes you feel really alive, beautiful and loved by Mother Nature Herself.

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