Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Heil Elizabeth! (Update)

With police forces in London preparing to storm the Ecuadorian embassy to extradict Julian Assange, their position is: "of course, we're not storming an embassy. First, we revoke the building's status as an embassy, then we storm" (As tweeted by Occupy London this early morning).

I wonder, when did the Queen grow a small black moustache? For this sounds about as legitimate a reason as Hitler's claim to react in self-defense to Polish aggression back in 1939.

Please note: this is satire - not an actual photo of the Queen!

Julian Assange has been granted asylum by the Ecuadorian government. "Now we will see if the UK government will respect international law and human rights conventions and allow Assange safe passage to Ecuador.", as Mark Weisbrot (The Guardian) reported in this article.

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