Samstag, 25. August 2012

Saturday: Mother Nature's wild cloud painting day!

Today, looking at the sky was indeed better than watching any TV or film... there's no better painter than Mother Nature, when she decides to paint clouds onto the biggest canvas: the sky.

First, I saw a very impressive greyscale cloud tower in front of the blue sky, when I exited the tram, coming home from my usual barefoot grocery shopping trip to town. And then, there was today's sunset - a first impressive hint of it above the roofs of the apartment complex where I live, then, after I went downstairs and out of the front door, westwards, looking towards Duisburg and finally, turning around, facing eastwards, towards the center of Mülheim, seeing that someone had set the clouds ablaze there, too...

These are the moments, digital cameras and the possibility to share these pictures almost real-time have been made for...

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