Samstag, 25. August 2012

Friday - the day when rain made me happy...

Friday morning, facing the last day of the office week...

I got up at the usual early time in the morning, around 5 am, hearing the rushing of rain outside. While other people might groan and think about gloomy weather, I am really, almost violently happy, anticipating the feeling of rain-soaked, wet grass beneath my soles and splashing my bare feet in cool puddles. I feel like Björk, doing a barefoot happy dance when performing "Violently Happy" in the Reykjavik National Theatre in 1999:

Another nice proof of the various benefits of being barefoot: dancing on bare feet makes you really happy - just watch Björk smile, as she skips around barefoot on stage...

My morning Nuddhism exercise was centered around listening to the sound of the falling rain, while feeling raindrops making a soft landing on my nude belly. I breathed in deeply, savouring the scent and taste of the cool and rain-washed air at 16°C (60°F). I sipped on my warm morning coffee, watching little trails of steam rising from the mug into the cool air and wisps of steam leaving my mouth on exhaling. After the heat from the weekend before, trailing into the beginning of this week, the rainy air and Mother Nature blowing a soft breeze gently onto my skin felt really soothing and healing.

As it was time to leave my apartment and walk to the bus stop to get to work, I felt the usual little pang of disappointment about having to put on clothes, but found a little remedy in feeling the plushy wet grass underfoot, taking a little barefoot walk in my yard. I had made sure to do that, even leaving the house a little earlier to have enough time for getting in touch with Mother Nature's skin. This first fulfilment of my happy barefoot anticipation left me nicely energized, adding to the waking effect of my strong and sweet morning coffee.

Sitting on the bus, riding towards the office, I gazed at the sky, where the rain clouds were retreating to the east, seeing that Mother Nature had not used a brush to paint a sky picture, but seemed to have used pencils and pastel chalk, making a mostly greyscale cloud drawing instead of using the fiery colors from the previous mornings. However, one small hint of sunrise fire yet was visible, as a little orange was peeking through over the horizon.

And yet again, I was glad that I am not like average people, who might feel sad or depressed at the sight of rain clouds... for these clouds had left puddles, where I could splash my bare feet in, thereby fulfulling the other part of my happy anticipation:

Delighted, that these two happy barefoot anticipations had been fulfilled, I began my office day with a light mood and even was able to stay barefoot around the place most of the time, since no possible customers were around. I only donned my work flip-flops to go out of the building on my breaks, thus obeying the "safe footwear" rule for office environments. On my first break in the morning, I went to the parking lot, admiring that Mother Nature had changed her mind, concerning sky paintings... she had decided to take out her brush again and paint a very lively cloud picture with hues of grey, blue, pink and orange:

And to add an extra special to this day, ending the week of work, I made use of the regular ice cream van's visit around 2 pm, presenting myself with the slightly decadent gift of a banana-split:

And why not enjoying it? After all, our team had been able this week to annihilate a backlog of customer e-mail inquiries and almost empty the incoming mail boxes. That was worthy of a little celebration.

One colleague saw this sweet sin on my desk, and asked "Is that a classic banana-split?" My reply was a raised eyebrow, and I asked "what do you mean by 'classic'?", to which he replied: "Well, you know... with bananas...?" I was quite puzzled and tried to imagine, what a 'modern' banana split would be, instead of a 'classic' one... something squeezed from a tube, astronaut-style? A pill? I replied to him "well, without bananas, it would just be a split, wouldn't it?"

After finishing that symbol of sweet and fruity decadence, I closed the files on this week, all items on my to-do list checked and finished, and enjoyed the sunny and warm afternoon weather, walking on sunlit sidewalks to the bus stop, where I began my usual public transport trip home, surfing on happy barefoot waves into the weekend.

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