Sonntag, 26. August 2012

Amazons - Homage to Women of Strength

I'm not sure, whether it's just coincidence, that the German newspaper "taz" features Uta Melle today, a strong and brave 40-year-old woman who has fought against breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, and uses nude photography as her art form to continually define her own beauty and femininity, after her double breast amputation. The photo above (from the press release linked below) shows Uta Melle in the foreground, with short, dark hair, together with other strong and brave women.

Since today is Go Topless Day, it's also a good day to celebrate this very special form of raising breast cancer awareness and defining beauty.

Here's the press release for the publication of the book "Amazonen" (Amazons), featuring Uta Melle and other women, celebrating life as well as beauty in a special way:

And the link to the German article in the newspaper "taz" entitled "Femininity despite breast cancer" (headline translation by me):!100304/

When facing the mastectomy, about to have her breasts amputated, she thought about what her beauty is about and if she could face society without her breasts. After an intense process of thinking, she conluded that she can do that. She then faced her husband and asked him "Do you need them?" and gave him time to think about it. As a reply, he gave her a picture of an amazon, one of the mythical greek warrior women who are believed to have cut off a breast to better shoot their bows. When asked, whether she would have decided differently, if her husband had said that he did need her with her breasts, she hesitates for a moment, but then says "Fortunately, he has different preferences... he's more of a foot fetishist and my feet are still there..."

(An excerpt from the "taz" article, translated by me)

Uta Melle lives with her husband and daughter in Berlin.

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