Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Cool air arriving... Welcome!

Wednesday, at the middle of the week, with Friday and the weekend getting near... it's the day, when tides turn for people working in regular jobs, and the wave of happy anticipation of 2.5 days off (unless you have to work on a Saturday) is building up, about to break in sparkling, bubbly foam on which we then surf into the end of the week.

After the very hot Sunday, and two quite warm days with rising humidity on Monday and Tuesday - temperatures were still around 30°C, the mid-80s F, and mornings were very balmy - some cooler air has arrived, with a nice cool breeze blowing in from the west at 18°C (64°F) this morning.

On Monday, the sunrise was quite spectacular, as remains of the hot air from North Africa and some Saharan desert sand on the wind had tinted the sky, allowing Mother Nature to paint a really gorgeous sunrise onto the sky canvas. Tuesday morning looked similar, only this time, it was humid air and some haze preparing the sky to be painted on... and I was able to spot and shoot pictures of these spectacular sunrise paintings from the office window - a beautiful start into work days, really:

Monday - the rising sun lights up Saharan desert sand on the wind...

Tuesday - wisps of haze, set ablaze by the morning sun...

My usual little morning ritual of gathering energy, my Nuddhism on the balcony, felt like bathing in summer air on Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures around 25°C (77°F) at dawn, making every night a tropical night so far... While it was enjoyable, being clad in nothing but this balmy air, I dreaded the moment, when it was time to get ready to leave the house, since this meant to put on clothes, when it would have been far more comfortable, far more natural and plain sensible to remain nude... again, I was shaking my head at the sutpidity of social taboos about nudity in general and the brain-washing by fashion and advertizing industry, suggesting that natural bodies, in whatever shape are ugly and need "correction" to become "perfect". Once again, I was happy to see that there are people out there, feeling the same way about beauty and self-acceptance as I do... and therefore I shared a picture with a positive message from a Facebook group called Girlz with Curves to make it clear, that this is what I believe, too - even though I am a curvy boy (but this kind of message transcends gender, really):

And with this positive message in mind, my morning Nuddhism, gathering positive energy and sending some of it out to the ones dwelling in my heart, also contained sending out positive vibes and warm big belly feelings to all people celebrating their own kind of beauty, whatever their shape, size or color may be... no wonder I was smiling, while gazing at the fluffy clouds in the sky at dawn...

And now, if someone thinks, that my body is not to be shown this way, let me just reply with another message from Girlz with Curves, which trancends gender and applies to me and my body-of-a-God appearance, too:

So there! :-)

"Namasté. I see you as a beautiful Divine being whose eternal consciousness pervades your body and soul, and is the light of your true self, shining across to mine. I bow to that transcendent being that is the real you."

On the way to work - again, that sad moment came too soon, when it was time to don clothing for social reasons only, rather than enjoying the mild but refreshing breeze on my bare skin - I saw, that harvest times are getting closer... elderberries by the wayside looking temptingly ready to be plucked and used for making juice, jam or wine.

And to follow up with the sunrise series of these three days: Mother Nature decided to illustrate the change in weather in the right style, dipped her paintbrush in the grey and pink dyes, and created a picture of nicely illuminated clouds. Despite their promise of rain, the day stayed dry, while the wind continued blowing in cool air from the west...

One little accident happened just before I entered the office... enjoying to refresh and energize myself by walking barefoot on cool and moist grass, a thorn found its way into the sole of my left foot, impaling it about 2 millimeters deep - but not drawing blood, thanks to the living-leather quality of my bare soles. I was lucky not to to hit it full-length, since it was about a centimeter long and quite evil-looking.

It seems, that the slightly soppy rock ballad "Every rose has its thorn" wanted to make sure I remember it. Sometimes, Mother Nature's shaggy carpet known as dew-wet grass hides its own version of needles and pins... But this little mishap did not affect my PMA (positive mental attitude) at all...

And now, the day is past, the wave on which I will happily surf into the weekend is building up and summer is now showing its gentler side, with cool nights, allowing for soothing and relaxing sleep, too.

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