Dienstag, 7. August 2012

"It's just another manic monday..."

OK, granted, this post's title is borrowed from a famous and happy 1980s song, sung by The Bangles...

The happy air of the song and the video (including dancing barefoot in the grass) was actually quite similar to what I felt this mornign, when seeing, that last night's rain had made its escape to the east, leaving blue sky behind... as well as puddles in some place, which my bare feet were yearning to splash in. And I was happy to make this happen on the way to work, too...

I was feeling refreshed, earthed and all ready to start a new week at the office. Work felt easy, despite the redundant and repetitive routines, which gave it the usual mechanistic and matrix-like quality.

What made this day manic, and even a little crazy and spooky was the fact, that I received news of another employee of our company having been found dead in his apartment last weekend. He was a member of our training department and died at the age of only 39...

That's two fatalities within a week, and both at rather young age (a week ago, I already blogged about a colleague dying at the age of 54). Of course, my brain started working on this happening - especially since I am of an age set right between them.

After work, the sky was in turmoil, too, with a chilly strong breeze blowing grey clouds in many different shades across the canvas above... at one point, I suddenly felt something, looked to the west, and a patch of blue sky opened up in the grey swirls... it was as if an eye had opened, looking down on me:

Even though the news had been disturbing, this image of an open eye above, looking down on me, made me feel at ease, quieting the thoughts about mortality. I know that I have a limited time on this world, in this body and shape... not having a God complex, I am well aware of being mortal. I intend to spend every moment I have in the best possible way. I want to be there for the people I love and who dwell in my heart, offering them a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, if necessary, open ears to hear them out, a smile to see them smile with me, my arms to hold them and my heart's (as well as my belly's) warmth to make the chills of their sadness go away.

And who knows what will happen, when my time in this body is over, and I leave my corporeal being behind. I hope that my spirit will be able to spread around and become part of other free spirits out there.

Seeing this celestial opening, I also had another song in mind, another one from the 1980s, this time by The Alan Parson's Project...

And inspired by that, I decided to fire up my graphics program (The Gimp 2.6) and create my own version of The Eye in the Sky from the raw photo above:

© 2012, Andreas ~*Ganesha*~ Spring

Despite disturbing news, I can safely say: I am not afraid.

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