Samstag, 4. August 2012

A happy moments collection...

Well, the second half of this week was a nice one, with the help of good and healing energy received from above and below - bathing in the light of the full moon as well as feeling Mother Earth Herself beneath my bare soles... thus energized, stepping into "the machine" or, to quote the movie title, that has become the pop culture technical term for the artificial world of living, "the Matrix" of office work felt easy and time just flied by.

Before and after work, I was able to capture nice moments, too, like gazing down at wild flowers and wild fruits growing by the wayside, feeling sun-warmed pavement as well as cool and dew-wet soil and grass with my bare feet, looking up at fluffy white clouds lining the blue sky in the early mornning and also (on Friday) rewarding myself with a yummy treat while still at work.

It seemed to be modesty day at the office on Friday... while I was wearing a t-shirt with a big-bellied laughing buddha on it, reading "I have the body of a god!", a female colleague wore a t-shirt, reading "just perfect!". :-)

Happy moments are the ingredients of living a happy life... here are several of mine:

Happiness feels like the ground beneath my bare soles...

Clouds in the morning sky... "They're so FLUFFY!" :-)

A perfect mix: morning sun on and cool, dew-wet grass under my bare feet... it's refreshing as well as relaxing, powering me up with good and healthy Mother Earth energy, just before entering the office.

In German, this is called a "Schwarzwaldbecher" - an ice cream cup, made after the recipe of the famous Black Forest cake, with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, cherries (of course), cherry and chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a cherry on top! - A nice way to grant myself some yumminess on a Friday afternoon at the office.

Good morning, Daisy. :-)

Dogrose fruit... actually, quite yummy, tasting sweet-sour and full of vitamin C - just don't get in touch with the seeds inside... they can cause itch reactions on the skin.

Make sure not to miss any happy moment out there.

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