Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

The peak of the week has been scaled!

Yes, indeed, the week at work has reached the nice point from where the rest of the week feels like an easy stroll downhill towards the weekend... in my case, it's also a (barefoot) stroll towards a week of leave. The only little bump on the way is not being able to evade a Saturday shift before that - so, it's 2.75 days to go until I have a week of leave to relax and recharge before the end of the year.

I hope that I will be able to spend some quality time barefoot outdoors, too... although the forecasts for the next days and next week tell me of frost ahead - there might be snow showers tonight, leaving the streets white and slippery tomorrow morning... Will there be a little snowfooting ahead when I go to work tomorrow? A chance to leave some barefoot prints in snow? We'll see...

This was, what my Win7 weather gadget told me this morning...

Since Monday, early morning temperatures have been near frost level, and I already forfeited the toe rings, applied bag balm and made sure to bundle up warmly, in order to keep warm enough overall. When standing at the bus stop, I did my toes workout to keep the circulation going: clench, stretch, wiggle, repeat... And it worked just fine.

As long as the toes stay pink, there's no reason to worry.

After energizing in the usual way in the morning (very invigorating at 2°C/35F), I had some extra Nature moments at the bus stop on the way to work: hearing an owl hoot in a garden nearby (the trademark "whoo-hoo-hoo" sound, as known from thriller movies), and then, several minutes later, seeing a car hit the brakes to avoid hitting an animal running across the road... Sleek, brown, fast and with its equally trademark bushy tail, a fox ran past me, only about three meters away, disappearing with a swift leap into the nearby shrubbery...

Maybe this was a foreshadowing of some more special moments, when having some time off to take barefoot winter walks during work days. For now, the next tasks and goals are to finish the week at work, by help of my positive power gathering every morning and spotting the beautiful moments.

(By the way: even a few minutes of meditation help in gathering good vibes - and it's not even necessary to sit in the lotus pose... meditating can be done standing, while walking slowly, sitting or lying down in a comfortable posítion. The main thing is to focus on unfocusing and breathing.)

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