Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

Powering up on a mild Sunday...

On the last Advent Sunday, one day before X-mas eve, temperatures rose up to almost spring levels, with 13°C (55F). Not going out and taking a barefoot stroll would have been a total waste of this mild weather. I chose to wear a sarong and a warm fleece hoodie as my barefooting outfit. Even though it was raining slightly, I did not feel cold and at one point even a shower came down, which I used in the best way possible - taking a rain bath.

Yes, I was indeed so daring as to make part of my barefoot stroll a nude one, too... it was mild enough for my taste to stay skyclad for almost half an hour.

Before doing so, I was enjoying the different textures, puddles, mud and the soft, wet skin of Mother Earth when walking on bare soil.

When coming to a favourite place of mine in the park, the three alders, reminding me of the threefold Goddess (Maiden, Mother and Crone), I saw that the park was deserted, and I felt that this was now the time to pay this Mother Nature monument a visit - barefoot and naked, powering up, doing a breath meditation at the center of the three trees, feeling the soft soil underfoot, while a gentle breeze blew a slight drizzle onto my body.

After finishing my gathering of positive energy, I saw that I was still alone, and so I decided to stay nude. The air was still feeling nice and mild, and the drizzle now started to increase, becoming a shower, which I used to take a rain bath - one of the most wonderful things to enjoy when being naked outdoors...

The falling rain did affect the camera, so that capturing that moment was clad in mist. As soon as the shower was over, I walked on, still enjoying the freedom of natural nudity. When I began feeling a little cold, I gradually put on my clothes again, starting with my sarong, then putting on my hoodie, before zipping it up again, returning to the barefooter appearance from the beginning of my barefoot stroll.

Funny, really, that it's only been two weeks since I have been barefoot in ankle-deep snow and now had the chance to be skyclad on a barefoot Sunday stroll... Sometimes X-mas wonders can be as simple things as mild days.

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