Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Happy Nude Sunday... from TGIF to HNS!

Of course, Sunday is my traditional day of recharging before a new week at work starts... this Sunday is no different, since I'm spending it mostly skyclad, taking a barefoot stroll (then clothed, mostly due to stupid social taboos) and afterwards again enjoying the freedom of being my naturally naked self, before having to enter the artificial world of the office again.

And it's also the time of the week for me to post my other kind of motivational pictures - following the "Thank Goddess, it's Friday!" series, we're now celebrating "Happy Nude Sunday!" again. From TGIF to HNS - marking the entrance into and the exit out of the weekend time, those precious days and hours, when I can tell the world, that I love being me, and that nothing will ever change that.

Fortunately, we're at the end of the year, which means, that the proper start of the week at work (with lots of things to do, like the monthly statement for December) will be no earlier than Wednesday. Monday - New Year's Eve - will feel like having a Saturday shift at the office, followed by another Sunday, before the week starts proper. It is like a weekend deja vu, rather than starting a full week at work. Funny, really, since I will start that next week with something that feels like a Saturday shift, having to work for only half a day, followed by New Year's Day, which will feel like Sunday reloaded, and I will end the week with a real Saturday shift. Those holidays can be really weird designers of weeks and schedules, sometimes.

Speaking of New Year's Day, you might wonder if I have already formulated any New Year's Resolutions... well, yes, I have formulated exactly one:

I will not formulate any New Year's Resolutions, for I don't want to change a bit about me!

I am going to travel through the year, as if I were taking a barefoot and nuddhist stroll on a colorful and interesting path - one step at a time, each day being a step, making sure to take in as much as I can of the sensations and feelings surrounding me, gathering positive vibes wherever I can, radiating the excess of good and positive energy to share it with the world at large and the loved ones dwelling in my heart.

So, you can trust in me staying the same weird, barefoot, shameless (literally) and often naked hippie person I am now. Why would want I to change what makes me and others happy?

So, have a Happy Nude Year! I know, I will...

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