Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

A snow fairy dropped something...

"Woops, did I do that?"

Yes, I believe you did. The warnings were a bit exaggerated, as it turned out, since after starting to snow at around 8.30 am, a total of 3 to 4 centimeters (about two inches) of snow fell... The day started off like Thursday did: dry and slightly frosty, but with a quite chilly breeze blowing in from the west. That was what cut my nuddhist morning exercise short, since I could only last about two minutes on my balcony, feeling the cold wind on my skin, while inhaling the clear air.

I went to work barefoot, using the same cold-weather barefooting configuration as on Thursday, enjoying the cool and exhilaraaing sensation of frosty sidewalks at the bus stop and on my way to work as well as making contact with Mother Nature's cold skin, walking on grass before entering the office.

Later in the morning, people were going "Awww" at work, seeing the first snowflakes dance outside the office windows, and about an hour after it had started, I went outdoors for a break and decided to refresh myself, winter barefooter style, enjoying the fluffy cool feeling of the first inch of fresh snow underfoot.

Of course, these bare footprints were later covered by a bit more snow falling, but I'm sure they boggled the minds of people getting to the office parking lot after me for a little while...

On the downside, people started throwing around lots of grit and salt on the sidewalk, as soon as the flakes hit the town... I opted for keeping my foot coffins on on the way home (also due to having to wait for the bus, not wanting to have my bare feet get too cold, by having salt on my bare soles, thawing the snow and cooling my feet down too much). It felt so clunky and awkward to walk in them, even though they are comfortable-fit, wide enough to accomodate my broad feet, too. But still, nothing beats the natural gait of walking barefoot.

So, Friday has passed, now it's just a Saturday shift ahead of me, before starting my leave... and I will use that time to refresh and recharge properly, too.

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