Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

Not very sweet... gummi bears sue chocolate bears

Sounds funny, doesn't it? But these are the numbers seven and eight on the world-wide winnings list in sweets sales, Haribo and Lindt Sprüngli, fighting at court about a copyright infringement.

Haribo has sued Lindt, since the Lindt chocolate teddy bear, sold by the name "Goldbär" (golden bear, obvisouly based on the golden foil packing), constitutes a copyright infringement of the registered trademarks of Haribo's gummi bears, which are sold by the name "Goldbären" and the bear's appearance - golden yellow with a red ribbon, which is too similar to Haribo's copyrighted cartoon bear depicted on gummi bear bags...

Sad news for chocolate lovers: the gummi bears won. Lindt Sprüngli has to take the golden chocolate teddy bear off the market.

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