Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

A mild case of Mid-week Madness...

Yes, indeed, it's Wednesday!

The week's peak is past us, and it's now again the easy stroll downhill towards the weekend. After my leave (which I needed and which was really good to reharge), spending my time in "The Matrix!", a.k.a. the office, is easier. Plus: in my absence, our team has managed to work off most of that backlog, too. So, actually, the week's plan above is a bit inaccurate, since there is a little "smile" feeling to Wednesday, today, too.

That might also be due to the fact, that I was able to leave work on time, while there was still a little daylight left. It's quite detrimental to a good mood, when arriving at work and leaving for home are both done in the dark, which might happen in winter. Well, the solstice is near, and (if I and the world will still be here after it), the days will grow longer after that...

So, some people might still feel like depicted below on Wednesdays... but: don't worry, things will improve as the week goes by.

Oh, just in case anyone's been wondering: yes, the weather over here is mild enough to still do that - I am indeed walking barefoot to work and back home. I just felt, that a certain lack of redundancy in foot images would be OK. Today, however, the feeling of cool and wet grass, while gazing at the afternoon sun, trying to make a breakthrough, contributed greatly to making me feel good at the end of the work day. 

As far as madness is concerned, well, since yesterday I'm living in a country, where gummi bears go to court and win... nothing can shock me really. So, when reading in the online edition of the German newspaper "taz", that German actress Christiane Hörbiger, aged 74, was denied entering a dancing school for age reasons (!), I was not surprised at all. The mad part about that: the school is located in Vienna (the Austrian capital, with its morbid charm and the most beautiful graveyards in the world). It's no surprise either, that the German dancing school association ADTV has reacted properly to the demographic change and our society as a whole growing older and older, by offering courses especially for elderly people: "Rollator dancing" - yes, you can now even be hip and learn dancing, doing a wheeled walker polonaise.

Here's the link to the original German article:!107747/

OK, it's now an easy swing towards the end of the week, and I shall enjoy that easy ride. And let's hope, that the Grinch's designated successor won't spoil things for us next week...

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