Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

Dancing barefoot and skyclad with an Ice Fairy...

This is indeed what Thursday felt like, especially in the early morning, when I started the work day in my trademark and typical way, doing my nuddhist breathing exercise in slightly frosty air at -1°C/30F. Inhaling the morning air, my sinuses cleared up instantly and I was able to stand on my balcony for several minutes, doing a nice cycle of gathering positive vibes and waking up instantly...

Drinking my mug of coffee afterwards felt like taking a magic potion to invigorate and strengthen me even further.

The slightly frosty conditions made me use an item of clothing which is considered by most people one of the worst fashion sins of the 1980s: leg-warmers. Dancers world-wide rely on thm to keel their ankles and calf muscles warm during training, and winter barefooters can do the same to keep the feet warm and circulated, even when touching frosty ground.

This was a morning to remember and stick to the rules of frost barefooting:
  • Do not wear metal foot jewelry, such as toe rings,
  • Dress up warm, including leg-warmers,
  • Generously apply bag balm as insulation and skin care,
  • Keep moving - bare feet warm themselves up while walking.

Feeling cool grass with rime and remains of slush underfoot...

Splashing bare toes in puddles was impossible - all puddles were frozen solid.

After arriving at the office and feeling my feet tingle nicely while they warmed up, I saw the day starting off with nice warm colors, and a beautiful sunrise and cloud painting. From indoors, it could have been a proper sunrise for a warm spring or early summer day.

The whole day was sunny, despite earlier warnings about snow - and I made sure to spend my breaks outdoors, soaking up some sun, boosting my positive energy levels a little between the hours of diving into numbers, facts and figures.

The slightly absurd moment of the day was seeing Captain Obvious in action, of all places in the men's bathroom at the office:

OK, I guess people might not notice that there is something missing, defunct or out of order... so, of course, a sign has to be put up. Just like no one expecting hot liquid in a paper cup of coffee has to be reminded of it by a printed notice on the cup.

Although, I would love to hear about a lawsuit, where someone tried to use the missing urinal by sticking his member into the drain hole and getting hurt in the process - just because a sign was missing!

Well, anything can happen. I've heard today, that someone has started a petition in the USA to build an original-sized Death Star in Earth orbit in order to ward off enemies from space... the only obstacle might be the cost of more than 12 billion dollars per citizen to get this done.

I'm not kidding about this... 1,600 people already signed it:

After work, I spent a little time receiving the usual gapes of disbelief from mainstream people, while doing a little barefoot shopping at one of the city malls, going first to an ATM and then to a drugstore to replenish my supplies of skin care products for my feet: two tubes of moisturizing urea cream.

And now, the week is almost done... with the Friday and a Saturday shift ahead of me, now only 1.75 days separate me from my leave. Oh, speaking of Friday, I mustn't forget this (since midnight has passed and Friday is now here as I'm writing this, it's well in order to celebrate it):

There is a certain sense of anticipation and suspense about Friday, courtesy of the weather service telling me about snowfall imminent, forecast to start on Friday morning, after the beginning of my shift, continuing during the day, predicted to bring us 10 to 15 centimeters of cold, white stuff (four to six inches for the non-metrics). Regional news programs have been busy on Thursday evening to warn us about the consequences to traffic - which might be severe, considering the after-work traffic bound to happen on a Friday afternoon.

So, I might be in for a little snow-footing tomorrow and on the weekend, too...

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