Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

I survived Monday!

Indeed, the much-dreaded first work day of the week, coinciding with the first work day of the month, too, has passed.

It's a little more than the usual office stress, when I have to do the reports on the past week, back-to-back with the monthly statement, fixing the bills to be sent to our client, again juggling facts, figures and numbers, being in charge of monetary amounts of more than a quarter-million Euros each month. This kind of responsibility often upsets my stomach and bowels a little, making me go to the office bathroom several times more often than usual...

However, I felt well-prepared for that day, having done some powering up and recharging on the weekend, as well as drawing positive energy during my usual morning exercises and the barefoot way to work. This Monday morning, the air felt quite cool at only 2°C/36F, and the nearly frosty ground proved to be a real challenge to barefooting, especially when standing at the bus stop. Walking worked fine to keep the circulation going, but when waiting for the bus, I had to do some toe workout (clenching, stretching, wiggling, repeat...) to keep them from becoming too cold. Despite applying a protective and insulating coat of bag balm onto my bare feet, I could feel the coldth pool at my toes, due to my still wearing the usual silver toe rings.

But, it turned out to be bearable, and I arrived at the office nicely refreshed and also relaxed, after walking on cool and wet grass before entering the office building, thereby taking some Mother Earth energy inside with me. The sky was cloudy and hazy, and so I witnessed another energizing and awe-inspiring sight, as Mother Nature had dipped her paint brushes into the fiery dye pots again to present me a really impressive cloud painting at sunrise:

During the day, the weather unfolded as this fiery sky had portended: with a cold drizzle falling, occasional sleet and snowflakes dancing through the slight rain as well. But since the temperatures stayed just above frost level, there was no snow lying on the ground to kiss my bare toes on the way home. However, the now wet ground intensified the cold sensation on my toes around my toe rings, and I made a note to myself to take them off, before taking the next barefoot walk to work.

So, today it's Tuesday, I am ready to face the rest of the week at work with more ease and I'm happily continuing my count-down to having a week off after four more office days (including today).

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