Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Frost fairies had their dance last night...

Lots of fairies around in my recent posts, right? Well, actually, the arrival of frost, snow and ice reminds me a lot of the Disney classic movie "Fantasia" (1940) and the sequence with Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from his Nutcracker Suite, which was done with summer fairies, sweetly sprinkling dewdrops everywhere in the morning at first, followed by the "Waltz of the Flowers", with autumn fairies dyeing leaves and flowers in bright colors, before winter fairies arrive bringing frost and then fall from the sky in the shape of snowflakes.

Beautiful, isn't it? Plus: this piece is one of the holiday season classics (and now even used in an m&m commercial, featuring Santa "Coca-Cola" Claus. Ugh. Consumerism at its best again).

Well, last night, it definitely were frost fairies dancing, cooling down the air to a very invigorating level. Normally, I would rejoice at a thermometer reading 25 degrees... if they were centigrade, not on the Fahrenheit scale! That's -4°C for the centigrade people out there.

So, with temperatures like this, my nuddhist breathing exercise on the balcony this morning was a very short one. Stepping out onto the balcony, barefoot and skyclad, I heard the wooden floorboards creak and crack, as they were frozen, and my toes tingled at once, touching snow, glazed with frost. I felt warm air from inside my apartment wafting around my back, as I stood near the door to the balcony, while Mother Nature gently blew frosty kisses onto my bare belly. Inhaling the crisp morning air deeply, I gazed into the clear, night-blue sky, seeing Orion to the west, getting ready to depart from the sky, and a crescent waning moon in the south-east, gazing coolly down on me...

I would rather be in a warmer place to do my powering up, relaxing and reflecting - like these four buddhas, captured in one photo ("reflection" is a key word in this respect, also when the number of buddhas is concerned...):

Well, considering the wintery circumstances, I will have to envision such a place, while doing relaxation and meditation indoors. Why was I doing my trademark morning exercise anyway, on a Saturday? Well, obviously, it's one of these Saturdays, when I have to do an office shift - and it's the one that separates me from starting a time of relaxing and recharging proper: one week of leave starts afterwards. So, when today's shift is done, I will happily make my exit from "The Matrix!" of office life, step out into life and prepare to have some weekend feeling for a whole eight days (counted from Sunday to Sunday), making sure to take any occasion to feel some Earth underfoot, when temperatures rise above frost level and the two inches of snow are receding (that might happen tomorrow, as temperatures are forecast to rise to 40F - 5°C).

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