Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

TGIF - today: Frosty Friday, too...

Yes, it's this classic occasion to rejoice, as the week inside "The Matrix!" is going to end today. It also marks a profound change in mood, since it's going to be a cloudy and sometimes sunny day, according to forecasts as well as indicated by a clear sky this early morning.

That's the first sunny day of the year in my place... please note, that I haven't written anything about glum and grey skies or complained about the rain, which most often came down as a drizzle. I was too happy about the temperatures staying in the mild zone, wll above 5°C (40F) and enjoying my barefooting in puddles and on wet soil and grass, too.

Especially in grassy areas, the ground was as waterlogged as a wet sponge, which turned normally cold winter into a belated autumn mushroom season. Walking barefoot through that wetness might have made me develop webbed feet at some point...

Now, with the clear sky and dry forecast, cold air is coming in - well, no surprise there, since it's still winter, after all. And forecasts are telling me of maximum temperatures just above or at freezing level for the next days to come - and possible snowfall on Monday evening and Tuesday... so, after "Thirsty Thursday", today is "Frosty Friday" at my place.

And, for today, as well as for the days ahead, my barefooting will require the usual protective precautions for frosty dry conditions: toe rings come off, leg-warmers come on and bag balm will be applied, making my winter feet all shiny again. If forecasts are correct, it will be only a little cool spell, no harsh frost, followed by another mild spell within one week.

It's three weeks and a day until Groundhog Day, and we can hope, that Phil doesn't see a shadow, allowing for a mild rest of winter, before the spring equinox arrives, marking the end of the cold season and the calendary beginning of the barefoot and skyclad season, which will last - hopefully - at least until the fall equinox (preferably longer).

Perhaps the spring fairies might be convinced to make an early visit this year...

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