Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Sunday... a day to gather necessary positive vibes...

Considering the things happening in the last few days (since Friday, that is), I am tapping into the positive vibes supplies Mother Earth can give me a bit more today, looking to gather a bit more to send out to people in need as well as to power me up for the next week's tasks, too... I hope that meditating a bit more later on will provide me with that extra power and a feeling of vision as well as ease... the second image below is a good basis for ease, since it reminds me a lot of that classic Slade song, where it says "And I'm far, far away, with my feet down in the clouds...".

What did happen on Friday making me ask for a bit more positive energy than usual? Well, the day itself started off nicely, even fair and sunny, which was delightful indeed, since I was able to soak up some sunlight on my breaks at work, and also leave the office (and the week at work) behind, while walking into the colorful dusk after work - barefoot, of course, since even the slightly frosty conditions did not hinder me from being in direct contact with Mother Earth - both before and after work.

True to my personal happiness recipe, I was doing my best to draw positive vibes and happy energy from seemingly small things, like standing barefoot on grass or soil, being directly in touch with Mother Nature, taking several deep breaths to unwind, relax and power up at the same time. In the morning, that meant getting quite frosty energy, too, since temperatures were slightly below freezing level and the rime on the grass or the odd frozen puddle on the sidewalk provided truly refreshing sensations before work. After work, the sun had warmed and dried up the sidewalks and also thawed the rime on the grass, so that I had a delightfully soft and moist encounter with grass and soil after work, while looking at the western sky just after sunset, with dusk setting in after 5 pm.

So far, the week had work had gone by smoothly, I was looking forward to the weekend and to recharge my inner batteries. Just on the way home, I received a message on my smartphone, though, which was making me feel sad and angry about German refugee authorities... I had donated money to hire a lawyer to help a young African man in not being deported from Germany. A formal complaint was issued to the Hamburg district court who is in charge of the asylum and deportation proceedings, since the man also requires medical attention. The deportation was postponed, at least, and things were looking hopeful, until I received message, that he had been deported - without heeding the complaint and still being ill - and has now arrived in Switzerland on his way to being brought back to Gambia.

The whole deportation procedure was carried out by the Hamburg district court in a very dilettante way, including several procedural errors and also making use of false statements. The German authorities pulled this dirty trick to make sure that the lawyer cannot represent her client any longer. This transfer without proper medical care is illegal and yet another example of human rights violations in asylum procedures in Germany (which are quite often reported e.g. by Amnesty International or Humans Rights Watch).

Yes, this is happening in a "civilized" western nation, which is not only part of that economic and political stewpot known as European Union, which won the Peace Nobel Prize but also still the third-largest arms exporting nation in the world (only surpassed by Russia and the USA).

After reading that, I put my smartphone into my jacket pocket, and just as I was getting near my stop on riding the tram home, I stood up, but had forgotten to pack my phone into its protective slipcase or to close the pocket... it fell out, to the tram floor, and when I picked it up, I saw that the display glass was shattered, with lots of spider-web cracks in it... Oh great. Now that kind of damage is not covered by warranty and I'm not insured against it either... I'm not connecting this minor mishap to the news I received, but rather to my own negligence. It could have happened any day. Oh well, it's merely material damage that can be repaired. Far more important is that the young refugee's story comes to a happy ending - due to his illness and the deportation process itself, he has already suffered injuries of body and soul. He needs all positive energy and prayers he can get.

So, while this Sunday, as usual, is of course one of the weekend days I spend naturally naked at home, and also celebrate that freedom, it also is a day to gather and send out positive energy in more than the usual amount.

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