Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Spiritual affirmation before work...

Sometimes, a morning before work provides me with nice insights, thoughts and feelings which befit my mindset of being a less than typical man - especially on a Saturday morning, when I normally have the day off, but have to work a weekend office shift.

"Less than typical man" here refers to me not believing in the ways of how men have to act, according to current mainstream, "civilized" society: competitive, all elbows, having to be #1 on the list instead of being one among many caring and sharing human beings.

So, a Facebook friend's posting really touched me, reflecting my inner self and thoughts about the world at large:

"have you honoured the sacred feminine today.. ? its not MANS WORLD anymore.. and I dont meant that in a feminist way.. the feminine and the sacred in all of us and all of life has been living in shadow.. technocracy had reigned in the last age, which is now finished.. The sacred feminine must be exalted, cherished and honoured for us to live in balance with ourselves, with nature and creation.. 

I live in Australia.. the australian make psyche in general is extremely afraid, ignorant and often abusive to the sacred feminine.. its a harsh country for spiritually inclined, earthy people who honour deeper ways of being and seeing. I was afraid to come back here for that reason. There was a time in our history when the European settlers came and there was very few white women. The govt realised there was an issue and sent more out with the sheep on ships from Europe. It shows up in the collective psyche. something is missing. A period of extreme harshness etched in the Australian male collective psyche and overflowed onto women who have also taken on very masculine traits. I personally have always found this very hard to live amongst and have found peace in native teachings and studying ancient and native cultures to discover a deep reverence for the feminine, the sacred, for creation, for spirit and for life. Its time for me to make some decisions on where I can dwell and find resonance. 

Our biggest challenge in western cultures is to return to the sacred... deep in our feminine bones, we hold the great secrets. What everyone turned to the Goddess beside them and said, what would make you happy? And if every Goddess committed not to consumerist, materialistic wants but asked her deepest sacred self, "What is truly sacred to me? and how do I access that daily?" ahhhh.. I am exhaustsed... its hard to be here in this country.. I am sad for my indigenous ancestors who tended this land so careful , living deeply and sacredly in tribe.. however , we are in a new age and we must learn from our deep ancestors and think the brightest thoughts to regenerate that which we find ourselves being custodians of : whether that be our own sacred bodies, our families or the land we dwell upon.. the deep feminine needs ALL of us to pay attention and listen quietly..."

(by: Billa Kgari)

Photo: Himba Woman, by Sebastião Salgado, captioned as follows:

As the earth is sacred, so our bodies are sacred.
And there is a particular sacredness to the feminine body. According to an ancient tradition women carry a sacred substance in their physical and spiritual bodies that has to do with their potential to give birth and to take part in the process of creation. Through knowing how to help a soul taking on a physical body, women are spiritually and physically at home in the mystery of creation.
The sacredness in women's bodies and the sacredness in earth are deeply connected.

My response to her posting was:

"The world, as in creation, has always been mostly female... the name "Mother Nature" is there for a good reason, since She bears and gives birth to the world at large and us, too. Think about fire: the male part is the spark, while the female part is the flame, which burns on for a longer while. Realizing that and cherishing the universal female giving us warmth and light, as fire does, can and will lead to a gentler world.

I suppose, though, that will take very long, since the male mind is all about elbows and competition, hoarding wealth, being #1 instead of being one of a caring and sharing many.

But, we can sow the seed of that future now. Your words have been one of those seeds. I try my best to spread a few seeds of my own, too. It also adds to my good karma account."

It's good to be reminded of the really important things, when facing another day at the office, in the Matrix/Babylon artificial world of facts, figures and money. 

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