Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

It's raining... and that makes me happy!

Yeah, I know, people are saying all the time, that I'm weird, so when saying, that I'm happy, since it's raining, I am not surprised, if this elicits shaking of heads in people and mutterings of "Weirdo!" under their breath...

They just don't know this:

Actually, there's nothing "new" about it... Many people, who were seen as "weird" at first have later become the coolest this world has to offer. I'm merely following good examples.

But why is it, that falling rain makes me feel happy, especially when winter, snow and ice are still here? Well, it marks the beginning of a mild spell, with temperatures rising clearly above frost level, and maximum temperatures even forecast to break the 10°C/50°F barrier next week. Our regional news network WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) has its weather expert Jürgen Weiß claim on its web site: "Saturday's snowfall could have been the last for the time being". Kind of funny, if someone predicts the end of snowfall, when his last name translates to "white". But then, name humor isn't all that alien to me, since I am the namesake of a season, too... Spring.

In anticipation of milder days to come, I decided to be bold yesterday, when going to the neighboring city to buy a new cell phone - after my smartphone had crashed, after I dropped it accidentally in the tram, I had to get a replacement. The joke about that is, that a repair of the old one would be more expensive than buying a new one. So, the bold part was, of course, taking that trip on bare feet, despite slight frost. Since most sidewalks had been cleared of snow, were mostly dry and rock salt was used only in a few spaces, it felt not too cold. And it was liberating, after having to spend most of the time with my feet encased and imprisoned in closed foot coffins, to feel the ground underfoot and to walk the natural way, thereby relieving my joints of stress and adding to my happiness.

Walking on the cool ground and standing at the tram stop, my bare feet lit up brightly pink, indicating circulation working perfectly. Of course, people seeing me walk barefoot, sit in the tram or strolling through the mall to the electronics megastore to buy the phone were reacting the usual way: incredulous stares, nudging the people they were together with and whispering to inform them of the shoeless weirdness ahead, conversations suddenly stopping, when I padded past them on my happy feet... nothing out of the ordinary. And, just like when I bought a laptop computer there - barefoot, too - the megastore personnel did not react to my pedal nudity but treated me in the friendly, service-oriented way like they do with any customer. Just as it should be, a customer's outfit should not change their attitude. I'm glad that they live up to that principle over here.

On returning home after my little shopping trip, I saw that someone had decided to leave his/her mark in the snow by the wayside... pressing shod prints into the snow... Well, I decided to tune up the fun a few notches, by leaving my own footprints next to those...

Leaving such tracks is a cool thing to do - in a twofold way.

I am now looking forward to next week, when I will be able to walk the natural, refreshing, relaxing and recharging way on my trips to work and back - in addition to work running smoothly at the moment, this will greatly increase my good mood.

Furthermore, I am looking forward to the end of next week, when I will visit a little event on Groundhog Day celebrating the opening of my dear friend's Oriental Dance Studio after it has moved house to its new location (I already wrote about that here). Weather forecasts are indeed barefoot-friendly for that day.

For the remainder of this Sunday, I will, of course, spend it in my usual preferred way and celebrate it accordingly - happily barefoot all over:

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