Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Some people just beg for it... how to make my Shit List!

Yes, indeed, they beg to be put onto it:

Who deserves this special entry and how did he do it? Well, I already posted last Friday about the poor young man from Gambia and the less than legal proceedings of his deportation.

In order to find contacts about legal counsel in Switzerland, his current stop on the way back to Gambia, I posted a call for help in several web forums, including one, which I thought might be helpful... HipForums - yes, I should have known better, for in the German-speaking section, I got this posting as a reply:

Drogenhaendler, gangster, terrorist!
Sowas braucht Europe nicht!
Absachieben mit vorheriger DNA feststellung"

Translation: "Gambia? Young? Drug dealer, gangster, terrorist! Europe doesn't need this kind! Deport him and put a DNA sample of his on the record!"

Since another posting by that forums user read "The source of ALL problems in the world are the jews!", it's quite clear, how "hip" this very user is... Calling a forum "hip" is no protection against attracting idiots.I also made that clear in a reply post, where I told the forum at large, that that special user has now made my ignore-list and that it's prudent to warn others about Nazi paroles and slogans... these are already lying on the web and in public like piles of shit no one wants to step into (least of all barefoot!)

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