Montag, 14. Januar 2013

Oh, it's fluffy and white... Monday morning surprise!

Whee, it's snowing!

(Yes, that was sarcasm, Sheldon!)

While it's fun to have snow falling and covering the world when having a day off, it's not quite as much fun to have to get to work and rely on public transport. Even less fun is to have to wear shoes most of the time getting to work and back... I might be able to do a little snowfooting when leaving the bus and getting to the office... hopefully before our workplace's janitor has spread loads of salt onto the sidewalk and the driveway.

With about two inches of snow, people will start throwing grit and/or salt onto sidewalks shortly, making it almost unbearable to walk barefoot - due to the burning sensation of the salt, the sub-zero cold melting water and lots of little grit grains which are just waiting to burrow themselves into bare soles.

And the forecast for the next days? Today: cloudy, as soon as the snow has ceased... and then: slight snowfall on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... with a little cloudy interruption on Friday...

Oh, yes, and temperatures around or just just below freezing level, tops. Well, winter isn't over yet. The show isn't over, before the fat Groundhog sings - and that will happen on Feb. 2, telling us, if there is a mild six-week remainder of the season...

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