Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

A Sunday to stay indoors... and relax. (Updated!)

Yes, the weather is indeed making decisions for me and I must say, I concur with this one: today is a day to stay indoors, relax, read a good book, meditate, watch a fun movie, meditate, take a nap, meditate, and then dip my bare toes in the snow that is currently falling (see update at the bottom!), and which will add 8 to 12 cm (3 to 4.75 inches) of new fluffy white stuff to my part of the world.

According to the meteo-warning service over here, there's even freezing rain imminent south from my place, as the warning chart for my state depicted above shows (my position is marked). That's the weird happening, if mild air flows in - in the upper layers of the atmosphere - making rain fall on frozen ground. I just hope, people will heed the warning and stay safely at home, rather than driving around.

Sometimes, winter provides us with the perfect days to sit back, or lie down, tuck ourselves in a warm blanket, have some hot coffee, tea, hot chocolate or (insert name of your favourite hot beverage here) and enjoy watching snowflakes dance, being just the laid-back and calm observer... seeing this picture on Facebook, I thought: "Yes, that's the calmness and ease I mean..." and then I thought: "had she blue skin, she'd be from Pandora... and Jim Cameron would sue the poor artist to hell and back!".

Well, to throw a pun which I guess many people expected: yes, this is one smoking hot native woman. I like this picture for its air of watching the world go by, while staying calm and cool. And, who knows, she might just be smoking those herbs which will later put her to trance, meditating and taking a wonderful spirit journey...

(Before any nit-picky Avatards begin hitting on me: yes, I know that the Na'vi don't smoke to go on their spirit journey... they rather eat Eltungawng, containing a psychoactive alkaloid, and then have themselves being stung by a Kali'weya, an arachnoid, whose poison, combined with the worm alkaloid (yes, eltungawng are glow worms!) sends them on their "dream hunt" - Uniltaron in Na'vi language... dont worry, I know a bit about Pandora, too... The Na'vi like to booze though... just check out the deleted/unfinished scenes of Avatar in the collector's edition for the after-hunt party, with Tsu'tey and Jake getting drunk together!)

Aside from being a perfect day to stay indoors, tuck in, enjoy the warmth of a snuggly blanket, it is indeed also a perfect day to let the mind and spirit wander... be it with or without herbal help...

Alright, whenever a hippie sort of person is writing about herbal help, others expect something like that depicted above, right?

In winter, especially on cold and snowy days like today, herbal help is more likely to come from mint, ginger or sage, used as tea against head colds, for instance. And today, I'd rather have mushrooms in the form of agaricus (the champignon) on a pizza or in a salad, than taking the kind that makes the world light up in many colors.

OK, I do not oppose the use of herbal helpers like weed or shrooms as a means to unwind and trigger thoughts, visions and feelings. Not at all! On the contrary, I like taking that occasionally, too. But then, I prefer doing so on warmer and sunnier days, with more color around me and when I can feel the world and Mother Nature in my preferred Nuddhist way.

Oh, of course, before I forget it: I am spending this indoor day naturally naked. It makes that aforementioned warm blanket feel even snugglier, while I'm dreaming of warm spring days to come...

Happy Nude Sunday, wherever you spend it right now.


After watching the afternoon fun movie (Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland), doing the laundry and relaxing, I carried out my plan to feel some of the fresh snow beneath my bare feet and leave my trademark tracks, too...

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