Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Looking back on last week: surviving the monthly big number-crunching, thoughts about cats, rescuing a poor illegal chocolate bear, enjoying mild winter on bare feet...

TGIF- celebrated anywhere where people love to sing their joy out loud and dance the rhythm of their hearts into the Earth...

Yesterday was the day to again celebrate the fact, that the week had come to an end - even though it was just a short one, when work days are concerned, starting with New Year's Eve and a short shift at the office, followed by New Year's Day, which felt like a Sunday deja vu.

With Wednesday feeling like a Monday, I faced the monthly chore of again crunching numbers, turning them into monetary amounts - virtual amounts, only, on paper - and formulating the invoices to be sent to our clients. Even though I am quite at home with numbers and figures, when at work, but being responsible for large amounts of money to come into the company account, feels like turning into Uncle Scrooge, stacking his gold coins. Something, which my true self deems totally unimportant, since values in life to me are more rooted in the heart and soul rather than in my purse.

So, after finishing that day, I was feeling like "I survived Wednesday" - the second great challenge after having survived the recent "apocalypse".

At least, the mild winter weather still enables me to move around the best and most natural way outside the office - drawing up energy and gaining positive vibes from direct skin-to-skin contact with Mother Earth Herself... walking barefoot is still possible and according to weather forecasts, a frosty spell is nowhere near at the moment.

On the end of that Wednesday, I found an image on the web, which was nice to gaze at and divert my thoughts from the world of facts and figures - a psychedelic and ghostly picture of a tawny cat...

Gazing at this, my thoughts before going to sleep were circling about the best-known tawny tabbies in fiction (films and books):

Jones, the ship's cat on board the "Nostromo", who made it back to Earth with Ellen Riply in her hypersleep bed (becoming the oldest cat of his time, spending 56 years in hypersleep). I wonder what happened to him, when Ripley took off with the Colony Marines to LV 426... after all, he got left behind. Or as Ripley put it: "And you, you little shithead... you're staying here" (in "Aliens")

Spot, of course, has to be on this list, too... that cat even underwent a magical gender change, when the tomcat had kittens in one episode (SPOILER ALERT: the cat's amniotic fluid held the solution to the problem at hand...)

And, of course, Buttercup has to be on this list, too... don't mistake the black-and-white tuxedo tom from the movie for the real Buttercup Everdeen... According to Katniss, "he's a hideous-looking cat. He has a mashed-in nose, half of one ear missing, and eyes the color of a rotting squash and a muddy yellow coat". This is the biased, but nevertheless acuurate description of Buttercup in Suzanne Collins' novel. But despite the mutual hated between Katniss and Buttercup (which changes considerably towards the end of the trilogy), this cat is the personal guardian of Primrose Everdeen's sleep.

Come to think of it now, I forgot to mention one very well-known fictional tawny tabby, who is the very epitome of living a comfortable life, understanding human antics and providing us with universal truth, like Mondays are there to be hated and no one should speak to him before he had his at least second cup of coffee...

Thursday marked a celebrated author's birthday, which would have called for a big feast in Hobbiton:

Alassëa nosta lyen! as the elves would have said (that's "Happy birthday to you" in Quenya). And here's the Tengwar transcript of that, too:

(as seen on - a nice blog about the Elvish language developed by Tolkien in his works)

Doing grocery shopping after work - barefoot, as usual - made me collect the usual bewildered looks, but also presented me with one of the poor victims of one of the stupidest lawsuits in Germany of last year.

As I already described in this blog post of mine on Dec. 19, 2012, Haribo had sued chocolate manufacturer Lindt-Sprüngli for copyright infringement, since the gold-wrapped chocolate teddy bear wearing a red ribbon was too similar in appearance to Haribo's trademark golden cartoon gummy bear with his red bowtie. And Haribo won that case, too, thus incriminating poor chocolate bears.

And on this Thursday, I found several of those chocolate bears on an after-holiday sale at a reduced price. Of course, I just had to rescue one of them, granting him asylum. No bear is illegal!

Friday went past smoothly, and although I am facing a real Saturday shift, I feel relaxed, also by the help of finding a nice M.C. Escher style mandala to gaze at, relax and unwind...

Playing the right music, such as The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows" or some Ambient/Chillout tunes while looking at this, can send you somewhere else very easily...

I'm on my way now to the Sunday, the day to recharge my inner batteries with positive vibes before starting the cycle of regular weeks at work again.

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