Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

The world is still beautiful...

Yes, the world is a beautiful place, despite all bad things happening out there, despite war, greed, hunger, torture, violence... as long as there are people out there, spreading love, light and warmth from their hearts.

Meet Lia Glückskind Leaf:

Translation of the signs: the large one reads "I don't need any money, but a smile or a hug would make me very happy!" The small one at her bare feet reads: "It's wonderful that you exist".

I wrote to her:

"I know that a world where so much evil is happening still retains her beauty, when there are people out there like you, living and incorporating the truly important things in life... not hunting for money, power or wealth, but wishing for and being happy about a smile and an embrace.

Your picture I discovered strengthened my faith in this world still being beautiful."

Light and Love,


She replied:

"Thank you for your words, touching my heart. Love."

This is exactly what this world needs... healers, lovers, people who defy the din of battle and the ching of cash registers by smiling and spreading their beautiful energy.

I wonder, how much fairy blood is running through her... I see lots of magic and out-of-this-world vibes in the pictures of her...

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