Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Happy Nude Sunday! (Indoors only, but still!)

While looking back on what's happened last week and reflecting on what's to expect next week, I am of course celebrating Nude Sunday today...

This means, of course, that this blog post, as well as the next two I'm preparing, have been done by me being in my usual most natural and relaxed state: happily barefoot and naked.

With spring still being five weeks away and temperatures being frosty or just above frost level, even on fair days, I find myself longing for warmer days, when it'll be possible to not only bare my feet to touch Mother Earth (which is possible in winter, too, as I am experiencing currently, on fair days), but to enjoy the natural freedom of baring all to feel the Earth I'm walking, sitting, lying on, to feel the Air wafting around me in form of a mild breeze, to feel Water, as I float in it and let it flow around my body and to feel Fire in the rays of a warm spring sun.

So, my Sunday program to relax and recharge is to meditate on happy skyclad moments, on being one with Nature and to look forward to celebrating Skyclad Sunday where it's best to do so: out there!

But, with "out there" being too cold to do this at the moment, I have to conjure up the sun's warmth, the mild breeze, the water to float in and the ground to stand/sit/lie on in here, and draw happiness from knowing, that these days aren't far away and will return.

Meanwhile, I will continue wiggling those bare toes, as often as possible, even on cool days - my little foreshadowing of happy nude days to come.

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