Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Strolling towards the weekend... on bare feet, too!

So, the middle of the week has passed, and it has been a liberating week so far - for my feet in particular, since a mild spell has brought about snowmelt and temperatures rising from the typical winter's -5°C/23F to pre-spring warm 13°C/55.4F yesterday. Perfect conditions (according to my taste and barefooting comfort boundaries) to shed the shoes and explore the ground in the natural and most pleasant way.

And while the pictures of my bare feet enjoying the different textures and changing  sensations of temperatures seem redundant, it's really more than just illustrating my quirky way of walking around - being able to grant my feet the freedom they deserve, I also decrease discomfort and pain in my knees and hip, which settle in if I have to wear unflexible shoes all the time, due to frosty and snowy conditions. I already suffer hampered mobility when having to wear closed shoes at work (for social rather than practical reasons) and occasional pain from stress and strain on my joints. Being able to walk naturally barefoot outside the office increases and fosters my health as well as my good mood and a positive attitude.


The day started with slight frost and the walk to the tram stop felt quite cold and also was treacherous due to rime and black ice on some spots on the sidewalks. The full moon, shining brightly in the west, guided me on my way to work...

During the day, temperatures rose to 5°C (49F), and except for a few places, most of the snow, slush and frozen slush had molten, forming puddles, intermingling with the puddles from the occasional rain during the day. In the shade, my bare toes touched slush here and there and the paved sidewalks felt alternately warm and cold, depending on whether my soles touched molten snow water or the milder rainwater. On leaving the office, the late afternoon sun clad the path to the bus stop in golden light.

This first day of barefoot freedom after the frosty week before was a true dleight, alleviating the "cabin fever" my feet had been suffering from.


Tuesday marked a considerable increase in barefoot pleasure, since temperatures were clearly above frost level overnight and all remains of snow and slush had disappeared completely. This enabled me to take my usual bus route to work in the mornging. In order to have a safer way to work and back during the snowy period, I had altered my route in the morning for a safer alternative (since the sidewalks had not been cleared everywhere), which took me thhirty more minutes to get to work. So, from Tuesday on, I was able to sleep a little longer, too... another booster for a good mood when starting the work day.


This was the warmest day of the year so far, with the aforementioned pre-spring temperatures. A strong, gusty wind was blowing from the south-west, carrying very mild air with it. It felt, as if Mother Nature was blow-drying her hair... and a few droplets of water were shaken from her freshly washed hair, too, it seemd (slight rain was falling). With temperatures like this, I did not only don a second toe ring, but decided to tune up the "bling-bling" factor as well, by putting gold and golden glitter nail polish onto my left big toe nail.

Before getting ready for work, these conditions also were just right to pick up my little Nuddhist morning ritual again... something I had missed greatly during the frosty period, too. My little skyclad breath exercise on the balcony and then having my first coffee feeling the morning air and mild breeze on my body also helped in powering up before facing the office day.

Delightfully wet and warm grass before entering the office...

Warm blacktop at the bus stop on my way home...

Soft and moist grass, almost sunlit, as the weather was undecided which turn to take... grey or blue...

Despite the nice blue sky at the bus stop, the grey clouds won, ultimately

Since things at the office were running smoothly and without stress, I was allowed to work off a little of the accumulated overtime... so, I was able to leave work an hour earlier on Wednesday, which also added to my good mood and giving me extra time to relax, recharge and refresh before starting the next day.

So far, this week had turned me into a quite relaxed admin at work...

Considering the historic dimension of the date (January 30 - the day when Hitler was instated into the position of chancellor of the Reich), I shared a simple, yet true message with friends and also at colleagues at the office...

Even though it might sound naive and childish to the mainstream, it's actually the best, if not the only way for our world to heal. It's sad and quite a bad testimonial of "civilization", that even after 80 years, there are still dictators and state leaders trampling on human rights and following the example set by Hitler and his band of delusional, greedy and inhuman helpers and followers. And idiots, celebrating Hitler are still there, too, now in second and third generation.

This world and especially certain people need a lot of healing...


Another mild morning, another smooth day at the office ahead. Morning nuddhism, pre- and after-work barefooting were again assets of this day, considering positive attitude boosting.

Repetitive as it may seem, here's yet another early morning happy feet example (at the bus stop):

In order to bid goodbye to January, Mother Nature had decided to wield the paintbrush and paint the sky in wild colors.

After spending another easy day at the office, I (or rather, my bare feet) encountered a major pet peeve of winter: grit, spread for anti-skid purposes, which is just left on sidewalks, even after frost, ice and snow have left... the shod people don't mind, but to me, it's slightly unnerving. Especially having to dig out those small, sometimes pointed granules embedding themselves in my living leather soles, is what I don't like about winter barefooting.

Fortunately, that did not happen this time... I was able to brush off the grit, as soon as I got past the area, where it was lying, by carefully wiping my feet on smooth ground.

On a personal level, this day has a special meaning... just like I was reminded, hwo long ago it was, that disasters like the destruction of the space shuttle "Challenger" or the Chernobyl reactor catastrophe happened, I inevitably had to think about the date, when a friendship that had grown bloomed into something more... That day is also 27 years past...

Had things worked out differently, we wouldn't have had to end that deep and wonderful relationship. However, this person still dwells in my heart and always will, we still keep contact and I still am there to offer ears for listening, a hug if needed or a shoulder to rest or cry on...

I know, it sounds like - again - dwelling in the past, not letting go, sticking to sad thoughts... but, no, that's not the case at all. There are memories of people and moments with them I treasure, and the time I had with that wonderful being is definitely one of the most valuable treasures to keep.

Therefore, I do not feel sad when thinking about it, even though there is a certain tragedy in needing more than one attempt to find the perfect match.

The day said goodbye in the same way the days before did... with gusts of strong, mild wind and clouds racing by...

This week's weather reflects what happens in life, at times, too... surprises, such as sudden bright and sunny moments as well as a strong shower raining down on you. I am facing bright moments on the coming weekend, since I am invited to celebrate the re-opening of my dear friend's oriental dance studio after moving to a new address. I already have gotten a little gift to give to her on that occasion (which is also her birthday) to help her gather some benign energy for her private and professional life.

The rainy moments are a little more stress at the office on Friday - the monthly statement - and hearing the bad news, that my friend has gotten the diagnosis of suffering from a heel spur. Along with suffering from fallen arches and a hallux, this is yet another of those mishaps trying to slow down her dance through life... and that's literal, since being a dancer and dance teacher, her feet are crucial to her life and making her living. But, being the person she is and having the strength she has (she is a very typical Aquarius!), I know that she will make it through that time of suffering, too. I'll still be there, with the offer of my ears, arms and shoulders as described above.

Yes, of course, she is that special being I referred to...

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