Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

My barefoot hour of power on Skyclad Sunday...

OK, this title might sound paradox, but the barefoot hour of power was spent outdoors, while I celebrated Skyclad Sunday indoors - due to temperatures outside still being too low to spend nuddhist quality time outdoors (around 5°C/40F), I decided to put on clothes for a barefoot stroll in the park. With frosty temperatures gone for the moment, I strongly felt the urge and need to get in touch with Mother Earth again, and also wanted to spot signs of the seasons' wheel turning towards spring. I succeeded in doing both.

On walking to the park, I met and mastered one nemesis of winter barefooting... grit and salt on the sidewalks. Only one part of the sidewalk had been treated in a barefoot-friendlier and natural way: the people living there use a mixture of sand and sawdust, which is a lot easier to bear on bare soles and also serves the anti-skid purpose.

On entering the park, I went to different places, trying out the different textures there, ranging from sand (the beach feeling, leading to nicely beach-colored soles, too), over bare soil to moist and cool grass... And despite temperatures having been above freezing level, the soil is still quite frozen deeply inside... As soon as all that water locked in Mama Nature's cold skin thaws, the park will be a rather swampy place.

All the more to look forward to... lots of mud puddles to play in on a milder day.

I greatly enjoyed the direct contact with the ground, feeling a mixed sensation of coolness and warmth, as if Mother Earth was whispering a "Welcome back!" to my bare soles touching Her bare skin, while flooding me with good vibes.

Seeing the first hints of Her being ready to don her green spring dress also lifted my spirits...

After walking a while through the park, I sat down on a bench, taking in the special mood of the late afternoon winter sky... those first hints of new green are hopeful, but winter is still here, as can be seen in the still partly-frozen duck pond as well as by the still naked trees.

But it's only a few Sundays ahead, until those trees are wearing a new and fresh green dress, the duck pond will be swarmed by waterfowl, the fountain in it splashing merrily and the sun warming up the soil and grass again.

And it's only a few Sundays ahead, until I can walk in the park in my most preferred way: barefoot and skyclad.

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