Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

Positivity Reloaded!

Yes, the weekend still works just fine as my personal time to relax, recharge, share and receive positive vibes, healing energy and feelings of love radiated by kindred spirits...

The beginning of a new week in "The Matrix!" of what we call "civilized" life doesn't really scare me. There's a Monday coming up, and most people are feeling this way:

It's only several hours, until I, too, have to dive again into that world, where it's not the real things that matter, but virtual values, measured by numbers on an account, which appear there, only to disappear without your holding anything in hands. And even the stuff you can touch, known as "money" is just something virtual... pieces of paper, telling us about representing values... but, in the end, they're just pieces of paper...

Whoa, wait... didn't I write something about feeling positive and now I'm posting these pictures? Yes, for I am not affected by the grumpy vibes coming from them. Even though there are possible triggers for my winter blues returning - such as new snow falling over the weekend - I am not affected by it.

Sharing thoughts and feelings with other people, who also believe in living instead of functioning, who believe in the existence of unconditional love and deeming that more important than countables or currencies, has built up a big ball of warmth and light inside me, that makes me laugh at the fallen snow, which now appears to me like cold fairy dust, dropped by the Winter Fairy just for me to have me play in it with my bare toes...

It felt as if I heard giggling, when my bare feet touched that cold fairy dust... might have been that fairy, or it was my barefoot inner child, voicing his delight at doing this.

When communicating via social networks, I had some fun by exercising in spreading self-acceptance. Some stupid person must have hacked my Twitter password and used my account name to spam around with advertizing messages entitled "Lose weight in two weeks". OK, I thought, here goes... time to teach a lesson in self-acceptance, learning to love yourself and feel good in your own skin...

Step 1: I changed my Twitter password.

Step 2: I tweeted that these diet spam messages did not originate from me, but from someone needing to get a life, who hijacked my account name.

Step 3: Spreading messages of me actually feeling not only just fine, but actually happy and beautiful in my own skin, creating the hashtag #bellypride to prove it and posting this image with it, too:

(Actually, I cropped it a little at the bottom, to make it family-friendly... the original showed a bit more... ;-) ).

And Twitter was working nicely in spreading nice information about learning self-acceptance from a photography project, meant to show beauty apart from the photoshopped and unreal world of fashion and media:

Daily Mail: The struggle to feel beautiful in an airbrushed world

This article features the work of photographer Matt Blum and his wife Katy, celebrating the natural beauty of women, which they have started in 2005 under the title The Nu Project.

Of course, I then decided to follow up with my personal message of being positive about one's own body, telling the world, that every body is a work of the Divine, therefore beautiful. And as soon as you feel beautiful in your own skin, you radiate it, too.

And this is what I told the world about my body (as another part of the #bellypride trend):

Twitter then demonstrated a nice sense of humor, by suggesting whom I should follow... I never thought, that a Republican US senator had a thing for belly pride, celebrating natural grace and beauty (since I posted pictures of Himba tribeswomen) or cute cappucino art...

But, yes, the suggestion was that I should follow Sen. John McCain (who ran for the Republicans in the 2008 US presidential elections against Barack Obama).

Of course, I was celebrating a nuddhist weekend, indoors mostly, since it's still too cold to spend skyclad time outdoors. But, another piece to a positive outlook on days to come is that I am just two weeks away from my spring leave, and that the forecasts are optimistic for spring getting on the road by that time...

Temperatures are forecast to rise to 10°C/50F at least, and perhaps above, too. And if the forecast of fair and cloudy days is true, as well, it will be even milder in the sun. Perfect barefoot conditions. And even before that, temperatures are predicted to rise above frost level next week, with this weekend's snow turning to rain. So, instead of snow fairies, it will be happy rain dancers celebrating the mild days to come - and I will celebrate with them, splashing happily barefoot through puddles.

And by mid-week, days are forecast to be cloudy and dry... happy times for happy bare feet are ahead and the winter blues is about to be a thing of the past for a long time.

Oh, and as I wrote above, it was a nuddhist Sunday today. I hope you had the opportunity to celebrate it, just as I did.

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