Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

Special sights and moments - October '12, first half

From full moon to new moon, which was happening almost exactly within the first half of October, I was able to once again witness special sights in the sky, feel the ground with my bare feet in different but always delightful conditions and had some fun as well a weird things happening...

Let's begin with the celestial images... the moon, still appearing full, but already waning, on Monday, October 1st (something different... instead of taking a picture of a sunrise, I was able to capture a moonset). Next, an impressive rain cloud, with a dragon emerging from it - or is it a grinning T-Rex? A sunset on Saturday after shopping Venus and the crescent moon sharing the morning sky just at dawn. A sunrise, on a cloudy Wednesday morning, threatening rain clouds approaching on Friday afternoon and a series of sunrise pictures from an office Saturday morning on my barefoot way to the office:

As usual, I was barefoot on my ways before and after work and constantly on the weekends... some mornings already held first promises of winter, with temperatures near frost level. On these mornings, feeling cold dew-wet grass underfoot was very invigorating. And I was able to leave my trademark several times after enjoying the wet grass underfoot, too...

A totally hilarious moment and reaction to my walking barefoot happened on Saturday, October 6th... there was an elderly lady who kept alternately gaping at my feet, then into my face and back at my feet... whe she did that for the third time, I just had to snap a picture of her... I almost wanted to day something like "Relax, Lady... I'm just walking barefoot, OK...?"

I refrained from doing so.... perhaps the group of young women (there were five of them on the tram), all wearing pink cop caps - on their way to some weird motto party or hens night, I suppose - together with this horrified grandma were absurd enough as it was...

This was just a best-of of the nice moments in the last two weeks... but the comical highlight definitely was this old lady. Thanks for making my day on that Saturday on my way to doing some barefoot grocery shopping.

Oh, and finally: on that shopping tour I decided to buy some special sweet treats from Poland... perhaps you don't know this, but the Poles are great in producing sweets. So, I got myself some fruit-jelly sweets covered with dark chocolate (the green bag) and a pac of chocolates, filled with rum and raisins truffle cream. Yummy!

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