Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

Indian Summer Days - Part 3

Of course, with warm temperatures forecast for Sunday, too, I just had to conclude the Indian Summer Days series with a walk in the park... although, I started the day very early, since I wanted to see, whether I could spot any of the predicted shooting stars zooming over the south-eastern sky with the Orionids meteor shower being at its peak at 5 am in my timezone... but, alas, Mother Nature had decided to wear a thin veil of haze, obscuring the view onto the stars. The mild temperatures, though, enabled me to enjoy my time, doing a nuddhist breathing meditation, followed by having a nude mug of double-sweet, strong coffee (mocha blend), feeling a mild breeze on my skin. Later, I watched the veil of thin clouds being lit up just before sunrise...

In the afternoon, I put on some summerly clothing, since a sunny day with scattered clouds and 23°C (73F) don't call for typical autumn clothing, and directed my barefoot steps to my favourite park, looking forward to seeing the trees and bushes lit up in the sunlight, while wearing their Indian Summer Sunday best... I already saw some impressive colors in the trees on the way there (and, yes, that's a photovoltaic array on that roof... this homeowner had a good sunny time today, too).

On entering the park, I walked around on the grass, the paths, feeling and enjoying the different sensations of the sand, dry and soft grass, wet and cool grass, soft soil, and the crunchy feeling of fallen leaves underfoot, while taking in the colors and mood of the late afternoon sun, which clad the park in a golden light...

The only thing reminding me of the seasons was the fact, that around 6 pm the sun was about to set... the temperatures still felt of a summer day, though.

And since I already described the different textures and surfaces I enjoyed feeling beneath my bare soles, here's my little collection of Indian Summer Sunday barefooting pictures:

As far as warm Sundays are concerned, weather forecasts are telling me, that today was the last one... temperatures are predicted to drop as low as frost level by next Sunday, as can be seen on this forecast chart for my area:

The temperatures given here are in centigrade, and the light blue horizontal line marks frost level. Minimum temperatures are forecast to be at or slightly below frost level at 2 meters... the ground will be cooler, which will make it likely for my bare toes to have frost nibbling on them before Halloween... Maybe next Sunday, I can post pictures of my bare feet touching rime on grass...

But before that happens, I'll make sure to enjoy every mild moment I can by having as much skin-to-skin contact with Mother Earth by means of my bare feet.

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