Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Indian Summer Days - part 1

This morning, it felt like Mother Nature blew her warm breath over my part of the world... During my nuddhist morning exercise, breathing in the fresh air of the early day, sipping on my coffee, I felt a mild breeze wafting over my skin. The temperature was 16C/61F. It seems, the forecasts were right. And the next days are predicted to be mild and mostly fair as well...

The day started off with another fabulous sky and cloud painting, as remaining clouds and haze from the previous day's rain were wandering eastward, making way for the sun to come out and making me appear like illumination hit me once again at the office.

During the day, temperatures rose to 21°C (almost 70F) in the shade, nicely warming up the sidewalks and sunlit patches of grass... of course, I took my time on the way home, enjoying different textures and also the fallen leaves, feeling nicely warm and crunchy underfoot and also serving as a blanket, when I played a little barefoot hide-and-seek in them.

Although the day had been dry and sunny, I found the one spot on my way to the bus stop, where a puddle from the day before remained... it's one of those spots, which is not very well lit up by the sun, and therefore slightly cooler, slowing down evaporation. Of course, where there's a puddle, my bare feet have to go in and then leave my trademark tracks on dry pavement, too.

On the bus ride home, I saw someone who was either just a doppelgänger or the reincarnation of the late James Doohan... the similarity was really striking.

Well, with Scotty on the bus, we were safe from mechanical failures, I'm sure.

Well, I'm curious what the next days might bring... weather-wise, it will be perfect for barefooting. If I weren't working in an office, but still living my life in our communal trailer park, I'd observe the hippie casual friday dress code:

If the weather stays that warm, I might observe that dress code outdoors on the weekend, too... unfortunately, stupid social demands and "civilized" society's artificial shame and hangups keep me from doing so at work. Pity, really.

One weekend event to look forward to is the Orionids meteor shower, which is scheduled to reach its peak on early Sunday morning (4 am UTC, which is 5 am in my timezone). I am hoping for a clear morning, so that I can watch it. The meteors are forecast to originate right from Orion's belt. Orion is currently standing due south in the zenith at that time... I see the celestial hunter standing there in the morning, when having my nude coffee on the balcony. And I will certainly enjoy the feeling of mild air on my naked skin, when having that coffee on an early Sunday morning, too... let's pray for clear skies.

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