Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Enjoying the First October Morning Frost...

The forecasts have been right about mornings becoming cooler... with a cloudless sky, temperatures dropped just below frost level, and a slight breeze blew -1°C / 30°F air in from the north.

After the end of the office week, I want to bed early yesterday night (but not without enjoying one of the DVDs I bought before... Iron Sky is out on DVD and Blu-Ray since yesterday!). Waking up this morning, around 7.30 am, I opened the window to see stars twinkling above and to get a first feeling of the crisp morning air.

I fixed myself a mug of strong and sweet black coffee, then went out onto my balcony - skyclad, as usual - and did a breathing meditation, deeply inhaling the cool morning air, feeling my sinuses clear up, exhaling and watching my breath trail off in wisps of steam. The frosty air felt like Mother Nature wrapping me in a cold veil. Gazing to the south-east, I saw Venus shining brightly just before sunrise. After about five minutes, I felt relaxed as well as invigorated and went back into my apartment to get the coffee, stepping out again, still naked, and feeling the mocha brew warming me up from inside, while feeling my skin tingle slightly, as the slight cold breeze wafted over my skin.

Morning Nuddhism on my balcony might be becoming more challenging, with temperatures dropping, but I still feel it to be the best way to greet the day: feeling the morning air on my nude body, while I power up and relax at the same time, doing a breath meditation, followed by a mug of coffee.

Living a barefoot and naturist life, always nude at home, including my personal spirituality into it, is an expression of being truly me. Some people might say, it's a quirk, or just weird, or that I'm ugly and shouldn't dare showing myself that way... Quite frankly, I take strength from such comments, since there are other people who share my love for living the most natural way and support me.

And I'm happy to know, that I'm not alone doing so... Blessings and greetings to all kindred spirits, joining me in greeting the day the most natural and comfiest way.

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