Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

"And the Halima goes to..."

Well, if it were like the Academy Awards ceremony, there would be these envelopes, and orchestra, and Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg or that other guy who once dressed up like a Na'vi and tried being funny (I forgot his name for exactly that reason!) as presenters of the show.

But, seriously, the Halima Award, given out by the editors of the German-speaking Halima magazine for oriental dancing, is like the Academy Award to oriental dancers of the German-speaking part of the world. A very dear friend of mine, who has been interested in oriental dancing since the mid-1980s and had started her career in 1991, is one of the winners of the 2012 Halima Awards. She was awarded for her performance with cymbals as well as for teaching cymbals technique.

Congratulations to Sahéla! You deserve this, my dear. :-)

(And congratulations to the other winners, as well, of course)

Silke Gejaria Gocht (left) and Sahéla Brock (right), happily presenting their Halima Awards

Sahéla's 2012 Halima Award up close
Sahéla's official oriental dancing studio web page (German) can be found here:


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